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WONDER MARKETING LAB Welcome! Im so glad you are here! UNIT 1: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION IN MANAGEMENT This is our first unit! UNIT 1 -- BUSINESS COMMUNICATION AND PROFESSIONALISM 1. What is communication? 2. What are the 3 main types of communication?

3. What do we need to keep in mind when communicating for business purposes? Communica The process of exchanging tion messages between a sender and a receiver. Noun 1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news. "direct communication between the two countries will produce greater understanding" a letter or message containing information or news. plural noun: communications the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings. "there was a lack of communication between Pamela and her parents" social contact. "she gave him some hope of her return, or at least of their future communication

2. means of connection between people or places, in particular. the means of sending or receiving information, such as telephone lines or computers. plural noun: communications "satellite communications" the means of traveling or of transporting goods, such as roads or railroads. "a city providing excellent road and rail communications" the field of study concerned with the transmission of information by various means. Synonyms: transmission, conveyance, divulgence, disclosure, dissemination, promulgation, broadcasting, "the communication of news" Synonyms: message, statement, announcement, report, dispatch, communiqu, letter, bulletin, correspondence "an official Synonyms: contact, dealings, communication" relations, connection, association,

socializing, correspondence, dialogue, talk, conversation, discussion "there was no Communica tion Communication originates from the Latin word communicare which means To Share Communica Communication can be used to tion inform, persuade or entertain or something else. Supervisor

to Subordina te Employee s to suppliers Salespeo ple To Buyers Customer Service Rep Script Colleagu e

to Colleagu e Company statemen ts to the public CEO to Investors How is business communication different than communication between your family, friends, when youre out on a date, etc.? 3 MAIN TYPES OF COMMUNICATION 1. VERBAL speech, debate, presentation, interviews, sign

language, conversation, depositions 2. WRITTEN letter, note, text, e-mail, memo, social media, notes, formal contracts, images, presentations, brands / logos, meeting minutes, written reports, excel spreadsheets, publications 3. NON VERBAL facial expressions, gestures, para-linguistics, body language, proxemics, eye contact, haptics, appearance To lead others, you must demonstrate effective communication skills. Otherwise, a manager will lack the credibility to implement his employer's objectives, and struggle to rally worker teams behind them. Effective communication between managers and

employees is requisite for a well-functioning workplace. COMMUNICATION IN MANAGEMENT Think about how well a restaurant would run if no one managed the servers, chef, waiters or cleaning staffthe restaurant would lack efficiency and accountability. 4 MAIN AREAS WHERE COMMUNICATION IS VITAL IN MANAGEMENT ARE 1. Employee Relations: The best managers understand

the need for building alliances and communicating throughout all levels of the organization. Effective communications skills are a must for breaking down barriers, which promotes the collaborative atmosphere that an organization needs to thrive. A typical employee's engagement and interest in work varies from day to day. Astute managers accept this reality but can tailor their own communication style to motivate an employee to achieve the desired result. 2. Gains in Productivity

4 MAIN AREAS WHERE COMMUNICATION IS VITAL IN MANAGEMENT ARE Whether they realize it or not, managers are the linchpin of a company's productivity efforts. Managers must clearly articulate strategies and plans so that an employee team knows what to do, and how the company envisions them being carried out. At the same time, each team member should understand his role, and why his particular task is so important. If the manager

can't make that case, employees grow complacent and less interested in their work. 3. Multigenerational Relations 4 MAIN AREAS WHERE COMMUNICATION IS VITAL IN MANAGEMENT ARE Conflicts are likely when employees from different generations find themselves working together. Good communications skills are a must for managers wanting to succeed in this environment. For example, the competitive

drive of Baby Boomer employees born between 1946 and 1964 may not sit well with Generation X and Y peers, born in 1965 or later, who desire a less intense work life. Managers must avoid blanket stereotypes when trying to encourage the various groups to interact with each productively 4. Problem Solving Skills 4 MAIN AREAS WHERE COMMUNICATION IS VITAL IN MANAGEMENT ARE Effective communication and

problem-solving skills go hand in hand. Employees who struggle on the job naturally look to managers for guidance to solve their problems. A manager who lacks discretion, however, is unlikely to gain the trust he needs to address co-worker conflicts, declining performance or substance abuse issues. Failure to address these situations, in turn, jeopardizes the organization's productivity and ability to carry out its mission. Communicatio

n Effective communication is vital in every aspect of business. Remember to think carefully in business about how you speak, write & communicate non verbally. EFFECTIVE SPEAKING Show respect Use voice effectively Structure the message Enumeration Generalization with examples Cause and Effect

Compare and Contrast Know the purpose Organize your thoughts EFFECTIVE WRITING Know your audience Know your subject Develop a writing style Use language effectively/

consider word choice Communicatio n Setting There are many settings for communication to happen in business A few are conference calls, in-person meetings, skype, trade shows, etc. Communication Setting in Meetings Parliamentary Procedure is a very structured method for holding meetings. Quorum is the proportion of members needed in the group to conduct official 1

business.1. Call to Order 2 Propose 2. topics are proposed through a formal process. 7 Minutes of the meeting 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Treasurers Report Committee Reports Old Business New Business Adjournment

Order of business 6 5 3 4 Professional Tip Incorporate this intentional activity out of class to up your professionalism game At some point this week have an intentional conversation with someone, consider your word choice and think about how the conversation went. Ask a few interview type questions in an intentional way of the other person and try to speak in an effective way.


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