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Winning Collors - Bullitt Central JROTC

Winning Colors Winning Colors Understanding yourself is an important aspect of creating a successful and happy life. It is essential to develop your awareness of others so you can become sensitive to the differences and similarities between us all. Winning Colors: Seeking to be Understood A

behavior that is natural for you might not be so for others. Assuming that all behaviors are natural for all individuals can lead to unreasonable expectations of others and unnecessary frustration for yourself. Instead, keep in mind that others might be approaching ideas and situations a little differently than you.

Winning Colors: Effective Communication Developing awareness of others can help you become a more effective communicator. By having insight into anothers preferences you may be able to adapt your personal communications skills and your behavior in such a way that they are more likely to hear, understand, and respond in a positive way. This

is Speaking their language. Winning Colors: Effective Communications (Cont.) When you speak out of a completely different behavioral style, youre much more likely to encounter resistance because theyre not fully understanding what your are trying to say. Winning Colors: Power Words It has been found through years of research that certain words affect people differently.

When you speak with a person with Planner behaviors, you succeed by using planner power words. The same is true if you want to communicate successfully with those inclined to be Builders, Adventurers, and Relator behaviors. Winning Colors: Power Words Brown: Builder,

words that describe me. Green: Leadership, Imaginative, Results, Responsible, Traditional, Decisive, Productive, Giving Direction Planner,

words that describe me. Perfectionist, Analytical, Thinker, Dreamer, Logical, New Ideas, and Independent . Winning Colors: Power Words Red: Adventurer, words that describe me. Play,

Perform, Take Chances, fast Machines, Do it Now, Learn by Doing, fun, Tell Jokes. Blue: Team Relator Builder, Sympathetic, Concern for Others, Want People to Like Me, Likes to Talk.

Winning Colors: Conclusion You have been given words and behaviors that will assist you in having the best possible success as a leader or communicator with others after you have identified their comfort zone (Color) Think when its time to think (Planner Green), decide when its time to decide (Builder Brown), feel when its time to feel (Relater Blue), and act when its time to act (Adventurer Red)

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