WHY LEARN FRENCH? - Humble Independent School District

WHY LEARN FRENCH? - Humble Independent School District

WHY LEARN FRENCH ? Looking for an international language ? Try the French connection ! French opens doors to a world of opportunities

115 million native French speakers in more than 50 countries around the world (official language in 53 states/ 30 countries) Over 200 million secondary French speakers Over 110 million students of French 150 million students attend school where French is the primary language of instruction

More than 1 million American students learn French in elementary and secondary school French is the most widely-taught language in the world after English In the U.S., French is the most widely-taught language after Spanish French and English are the only 2 languages spoken

natively on all continents and are also the only 2 languages spoken in every country around the world French can be used in the United States and throughout the world French is the official language of several African organizations including the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States

In Africa, French-speaking countries cover an area larger than the United States. French is the official language for commerce and trade in 25 African countries and is the key to communicating with over a quarter of a billion people across the great continent of Africa.

French is Easy French is Easy 50% of English vocabulary is derived from French You probably already know 15,000 French words

After learning French, other foreign languages become easier to learn and you will have a head start on similar Romance languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian French opens doors to grad school and research opportunities Read French texts by important writers, philosophers and

scientists in their original untranslated versions Improve your academic performance French develops critical and creative thinking as well as problemsolving skills. It also provides the vocabulary base for more than 50%

of the modern English language, which means that learning French helps to improve performance on standardized tests French helps develop better skills in

other fields of study and leads to academic success French opens the doors to studying abroad in Francophone countries

Save time and money ! Increase your chances of getting into the school of your choice Receive college credit in high school

Satisfy university entrance or exit requirements French is modern : France is a leader and innovator in science and technology Aeronautics: Airbus, Aerospatiale, Ariane Telecommunications: Micro-chip cards, fiber-optics

French is modern : France is a leader and innovator in science and technology Civil engineering: Chunnel, TGV, the Millau Viaduc Medical technologies: HIV Research, Nano-Biology, Organ transplants... France is the 5th largest economy in the world

Highest labor productivity Luxury goods Gastronomy Transportation Modern telecommunications JOBS

International organizations and agencies Diplomacy Education Translation and Interpretation Editing and Proofreading Travel hospitality English-speaking jobs in the Frenchspeaking world

Knowledge of French is a great asset in the GLOBAL ECONOMY job market With French, you can be more competitive in the national and international job markets in fields like business, medicine, aviation, law, transportation

technologies, global/international distribution and luxury goods... More job opportunities Work with your neighbor to the north, Canada Most U.S. trade is with French-speaking countries As the worlds single largest economic body, the E.U. is

the most important commercial market in the world for corporate America, accounting for 40 percent of all global trade France ranks 6th the world for stocks 2,800 French companies in the U.S. employ 550,000 Americans French is an official working language of :

United Nations NATO NAFTA UNESCO International Olympic Committee European Union Amnesty International Interpol

World Health Organization World Trade Organization Red Cross French gives you access to an entire culture ranging from Parisian Fashion, to Amlie, to French cuisine ! French is a melodious and romantic language with a relatively quick learning curve

French is great for enjoying sports, travelling and the arts French is often known as a language of CULTURE, opening your world to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine and cinema... Discover a new appreciation for other cultures in French-speaking countries like: France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco and many

African nations French is the third most common language on the Internet. Connect with pen pals, visit foreign websites and find student exchange

opportunities Why do they speak French ? Svetlana T. (Russia) By speaking French, I see the world differently. I feel simply different. By the way, do you know that French can be learnt everywhere because it's in fact the only

language to be taught on all continents ? Why do they speak French ? Scott G. (United States) I had an objective: study in the best universities in French-speaking countries and obtain diplomas that

are highly recognized world-wide. I have multiplied my chances on the International marketplace. French is the key to success ! Why do they speak French ? Corneliu F. (Romania)

In the international organizations, French is both the official language and the working language. Being able to speak it is for me a determining advantage to manage my career. Why do they speak French ? Liu C. (China)

In my opinion, the French language is first the language of culture. I have access, in the original language, to the greatest texts of French literature, and also to cinema, museums, fashion and gastronomy. I can visit easily Paris, spend my holidays in beautiful French regions and also travel in 54 French-speaking countries. Ah, I forgot, I sing in French !

Why do they speak French ? Patrice R. (Cameroon) For exchanges and information on the Internet, French, which is today spoken by 175 million people on 5 continents, is the most used language after the English. I have the feeling that I can go

beyond borders, I feel like a world citizen. Why do they speak French ? Mercedes B. (Mexico) I love this language, both so precise and so melodious with the result that we call it the language

of Love! Moreover, learning French helped me to learn other languages. CONCLUSION Communicate in 55 countries on all continents with over 200 million people By 2010, 500 million people will speak French around the world

Succeed in a worldwide community Improve your academic performance Increase your career opportunities in todays fast-growing global economy Develop a better understanding, appreciation and respect of other people and their cultures RESOURCES

www.TheWorldSpeaksFrench.org www.Frenchculture.org https://frenchadvocacy.wikispaces.com CONTACT Catherine PETILLON

Attache de Coopration Educative Attach for Educational Affairs EMBASSY OF FRANCE [email protected]

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