Who are we? - feb.kuleuven.be

Who are we? - feb.kuleuven.be

Welcome day Erasmus/Exchange students campus Brussels 2019-2020 2 Welcome day - Programme 09:30 General welcome / Student facilities & student / ICT / Safety

10.30 Programme-specific information session 11:30 Lunch at De Mineen 13:00-16:00 Walking tour in Brussels organised by ESN 3

counselling Who are you? 4 Who are we? KU Leuven, campus Brussels KU Leuven Odisee KU Leuven 1425

Business faculty EQUIS accredited 45th best University of the world Times Higher Education World list 2019 5 Leuven Antwerp

FEBs 4 Campuses Brussels Kortrijk 6 Leuven Antwerp

Arts 3 Campuses Brussels 7 Who are we? 2. International Office Campus Brussels 1. Centralised

International Office in Leuven 3. Key persons internationalisation and academic responsibles 4. STUVO+ 8

5. ESN KULBrussels Who are we? International Office KU Leuven, campus Brussels Vice-dean Internationalisation FEB= Peter Teirlinck Head of International Office FEB = Ingeborg Vandenbulcke Mobility coordinator KU Leuven, FEB= Dirk G. Van Waelderen

Student advisor incoming students, Faculties of Arts /FEB= Rebecca Rampelberg Student advisor outgoing students, Faculties of Arts/FEB= Suzanne Steijleman 9 Who are we? 3. Key persons/advisors internationalisation Faculty of Arts Netherlands/Hungaria/Wroclaw: Elke Brems

United Kingdom: Tom Toremans Belgium and France: Luc Loonbeek Germany/Finland: Jol Rooms Italy: Giovanni Bevilacqua Russia/Poland except Wroclaw: Liutauras Kazakevicius Spain: Danny Masschelein (International coordinator Arts faculty) 10

Faculty of Economics and Business campus Brussels Internationalization Advisers: Vanessa Geers (Adviser for Handelswetenschappen/Business Administration) Dorien Steegmans (MIBEM/MIBEB) Katrien Wauters (Adviser for Handelsingenieur/Business Engineering)

Who are we? 4. Integration officer @ student counseling: Accommodation, insurance, commune registration, banking etc. (= not study related): Mrs. Marieke Steurs - 1st floor 5. ESN KULBrussels and buddies office 5th floor T Serclaes building 11 Where are we?

12 Where are we? 13 What do we offer Very motivated staff, skilled in problem solving Study in centre of Brussels Positive student environment

Academic and cultural experience 14 Fall Semester Only 13 weeks of classes before Christmas Papers, group works, intermediate evaluations! Study hard => good chance in nice results If not => retries in August/September 15

Fall semester Agenda: Start semester: 23/09 First day of classes: 24/09 Last day of classes fall semester: 20/12 Christmas holiday: 23/12 5/01 Study week: 06/01 12/01 First day of exams: 13/01 Last day of exams: 01/02 Go Global fair: 05/11 - Leuven

Farewell drink: December 2019 16 Spring semester Only 13 weeks of classes before exams Papers, group works, intermediate evaluations! Study hard => good chance in nice results If not => retries in August/September

17 Spring semester Welcome day: 6 February First day of classes: 10 February Last day of classes: 22 May Easter holiday: 6 April 20 April International week: week of 4 May Farewell drink May20 18

Erasmus/Exchange practicalities & deadlines Further registration: if applicable in International Office, KU Leuven campus Brussels Password and log-in: envelop (will be given after the presentation) Finalising your ISP DEADLINE: 09/10 Finalising the Learning Agreement: DEADLINE 09/10 Student card at the International office 19

Erasmus/Exchange practicalities & deadlines Info Market by Stuvo+: Monday 23/09 11.30-16.30 first floor Hermes building room 1119 Information session (mandatory!) on-line platform for students + ISP Registration: Hermes building: 24/09 in room 4201 & 4102 , 12.30-13.30 20

Erasmus/Exchange practicalities & deadlines Student services @ TSerclaes: bookshop(ground floor - C) student counselling + ombudsperson (1st floor A/ StuVo+), student administration(1st floor - B) library (1st 7th floor - C) ICT (3rd floor - A) DeMineen (student card necessary no cash) Student services @ Hermes: Computer rooms

Pub & Sandwich bar Study breaks 21 Erasmus/Exchange practicalities & deadlines Dont forget to activate your account check documents envelop scratch card use your R-number (not b-number) Confirmation of arrival signature needed Education and Exam Regulation: http://www.kuleuven.be/education/regulations/

Course schedule available on (only courses mentioned on the programme guide NON-degree - Programme for exchange students fac. FEB. campus Brussels): https://onderwijsaanbod.kuleuven.be/opleidingen/e/index.htm 22 23 KUL courses

Available courses for FEB students can be found on the link below: https://onderwijsaanbod.kuleuven. be/opleidingen/n/index.htm#bl=4; 28,38&f=-1,-1,-1,-1 Course offer at the faculty of Arts on the link below: https://www.arts.kuleuven.be/engli sh/education/brussels

24 KUL courses How many courses ? At KU Leuven 1 academic year = 60 ECTS credits 1 semester = 30 ECTS credits Agreement with your university ! Blocks of 2 hours Some once a week, other twice a week, other once every two weeks Changes in class schedule are always possible

Check timetable daily Toledo/blackboard http://toledo.kuleuven.be Be present and be on time ! Final result = Class presence + home work + exam 25 KUL courses - registration (LA) Official registration consists of LA and ISP

1. Learning Agreement List of courses - https://onderwijsaanbod.kuleuven.be/opleidingen/n/index.htm#bl=4;28,38&f=-1,-1,-1,-1 always check ECTS file for prerequisites language courses Changes possible (e.g. in case of overlap) via During the mobility (see details next slide) Hand in correct and signed LA/changes form send or bring in 1 copy (make sure that you & your coordinator signed it) TSerclaes building 5th floor room A05-01 Deadline: 9 October (afterwards no changes are possible)

26 KUL courses - changes (LA) 27 KUL courses registration (ISP) 2. ISP = LA Course approval of ISP on basis of LA Courses in ISP = final exam registration

no exams = no grade, no credit on transcript but NA (NA =not attended) Deadline : 9 October (no changes afterwards) 28 Exams All information about exams https://feb.kuleuven.be/eng/student-platform/exams Information session on exams

How are KUL exams organised, what results can you expect, => will be organised during the semester Result of your exams in KU Loket When? see studentportal https://feb.kuleuven.be/eng/leuven/students/administration-and-regulations-1/exams#deliberation In case of failure: resit between mid August and mid September only possible after registration in beginning of July (reminder by email) 29

Registration at city hall Mandatory if you stay longer than 3 months in Belgium Brussels city centre 1000, 1020, 1120 & 1130? EU-students & NON-EU send an e-mail to [email protected] (leaflet in envelop with overview what you have to send) Other communes in Brussels go to the local city halls overview of addresses in the envelop Leuven? You also need to make an appointment: https://www.kuleuven.be/english/admissions/travelling/appointment-cityhall More information can also be found on the link below:

https://www.kuleuven.be/english/admissions/travelling/city-hall#2EEA 30 31 More information? International Office KU Leuven campus Brussels TSerclaes 5th floor A05-1 Warmoesberg 26 1000 Brussel Tel: +32(0)2 210 13 37 E-mail: FEB: [email protected]

ARTS: [email protected] Open every day from 09.00 16.00 Closed every Friday Facebook group: ARTS: [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/groups/765627490149831/ FEB: [email protected]: https://www.facebook.com/groups/169864516749274/ Websites: FEB: https://feb.kuleuven.be/eng/international or https://feb.kuleuven.be/eng/student-platform Arts: https://www.arts.kuleuven.be/english/education/brussels#contact or

https://www.arts.kuleuven.be/english/students/brussels 32 Exchange = study + culture + ??? Sunday = rest (shops closed) Evening = 10pm = silence at home 33 34

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