White Text, Rockwell 40pt, Title Case Cap Style

White Text, Rockwell 40pt, Title Case Cap Style

Proprietary and Confidential LNG Developments & Pitfalls on the Regulatory and Engineering Sides Moderator: Steven Weiss Engineering Panelist: Constantyn Gieskes Legal Panelist: Monica Hwang 1 Proprietary and Confidential LNG Panel Introductions 5 minutes Constantyn Gieskes Monica Hwang

Brief Overview 5 minute Engineering Panelist -25 minutes Legal Panelist 25 minutes Questions 10 minutes Wrap up 5 minutes Proprietary and Confidential Constantyn Gieskes Project Manager with Braemar Engineering BS in Chemical Engineering and Material Science Engineering from Berkeley Heavily involved in conceptual and Front End Engineering Design (FEED) contracts LNG primary focus Clients in UK, US, Canada and Latin America Committee member for NFPA on LNG

3 Proprietary and Confidential Monica Hwang Senior Associate in King and Spaldings Houston Global Transactions Practice Group BBA - Finance University of Texas com laude JD University of Houston Worked as a Risk Manager and a trading analyst for Gas futures and financial derivatives Practice areas include Liquefied Natural Ga Marketing and Project Development Has worked with many of the names in the LNG industry Well published and speaks often on energy project

development, structuring and commercial issues 4 NA LNG import/Export Terminals Proposed FERC as of August 15, 2014 Proprietary and Confidential ) 1. Corpus Christi, TX: 2.1 Bcfd (Cheniere Corpus Christi LNG) (CP12-507) 2. Coos Bay, OR: 0.9 Bcfd (Jordan Cove Energy Project) (CP13-483) 3. Lake Charles, LA: 2.2 Bcfd (Southern Union - Trunkline

LNG) (CP14-120) 4. Cove Point, MD: 0.82 Bcfd (Dominion Cove Point LNG) (CP13-113) 5. Astoria, OR: 1.25 Bcfd (Oregon LNG) (CP09-6) 6. Lavaca Bay, TX: 1.38 Bcfd (Excelerate Liquefaction) (CP1471 & 72) 7. Elba Island, GA: 0.35 Bcfd (Southern LNG Company) (CP14-103) 8. Sabine Pass, LA: 1.40 Bcfd (Sabine Pass Liquefaction) (CP13-552) 9. Lake Charles, LA: 1.07 Bcfd (Magnolia LNG) (CP14-347) 10. Plaquemines Parish, LA: 1.07 Bcfd (CE FLNG) (PF13-11) 11. Sabine Pass, TX: 2.1 Bcfd (ExxonMobil Golden Pass) (CP14-517) 12. Pascagoula, MS: 1.5 Bcfd (Gulf LNG Liquefaction) (PF134) 13. Plaquemines Parish, LA: 0.30 Bcfd (Louisiana LNG) (PF14-17) 14. Robbinston, ME: 0.45 Bcfd (Kestrel Energy - Downeast

LNG) (PF14-19) PROPOSED CANADIAN SITES IDENTIFIED BY PROJECT SPONSORS 15. Kitimat, BC: 1.28 Bcfd (Apache Canada Ltd.) 16. Douglas Island, BC: 0.23 Bcfd (BC LNG Export Cooperative) 17. Kitimat, BC: 3.23 Bcfd (LNG Canada) NA LNG import/Export Terminals Approved FERC as of August 15, 2014 Proprietary and Confidential 6

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