What's New in 2019 from the - United States Coast Guard

What's New in 2019 from the - United States Coast Guard

Whats New in 2019 from the E-Directorate US Coast Guard Auxiliary National Board Meeting 2019 New Products Here Now or Coming Soon Instructor Development Course II Kids and Paddlecraft Boats and Kids

Introduction to Boating Safety Seminar Life Jacket Label Changes Boat America superseding About Boating Safely Redesign of the E-Library Refresh of the E-Directorate Website 2 IDC II Instructor Development Course II Developed in Collaboration with USPS Includes PQS Increased emphasis on lesson planning and delivery

techniques less rote memory Includes ADA compliance, use of media, electronic technologies Roll out spring 2019 3 Seminars Kids and Paddlecraft PowerPoint designed for pre-teens Includes recommended Instructor activities Vetted by our AUXPAD national team (ACA level II

Instructors) Highly customizable to fit local needs 4 Seminars (Continued) Boats and Kids Designed for 6 to 11 year-olds in small or large groups by the number one flotilla in youth education in the nation Taught with a team of two or more Instructors Focuses on life jackets, dockside safety, boat safety,

environmental stewardship, and basic emergencies Highly customizable to fit local needs 5 Seminars (Continued) Introduction to Boating Safety Seminar Developed from a request of the Ski Boat Industry and Dealers for a 1 to 2 hour basic boating safety seminar Snapshot of most critical concepts for safety Entices further education in a certificate course Entices VSCs and membership

Includes a resource document that should be locally customized Highly customizable and scalable to fit local needs Use at clubs, marinas, boat dealers, etc. 6 Supplemental for use with Current Courses Life Jacket Label Changes A brief PowerPoint set of slides to introduce the new Life Jacket Labeling Standards

Use to supplement existing education courses Use to educate VEs on what to look for during the VSC Now posted under Whats new on E Directorate website 7 New Certificate Course Boat America Will replace About Boating Safely late 2019 early 2020 Up to date with better graphics than ABS Equivalent content to ABS and is NASBLA certified Continue to use ABS and order enough to teach until

switch is made. ABS remains NASBLA certified through 2020 Continue to sell existing ABS books until stock depleted 8 New Products On the Horizon BS&S Refresh BS&S Modularization COMO Daniel Maxim Award for Excellence in Education Re-design of AuxPlus PE

9 BS&S Refresh and Modularization Refresh of BS&S is underway Target is end of 2019 Modularization of BS&S Take individual chapters and modify to stand alone

as components for selection in a customized course Examples include Navigation, Sailing, GPS, Weather, Communications, etc. Use a certificate course to satisfy state requirements and provide NASBLA reciprocity and then add modules for a completely custom course flotillas can sell and make money 10 COMO Daniel Maxim Award for Excellence in Education

Posthumously named after one of the Auxiliarys foremost experts in RBS who was universally respected and honored by the entire RBS industry Recognizes the best of the best Instructors from across the country Anticipating first three awards to be given at NACON 2020 for work accomplished during 2019 Specific criteria provided after approval review is complete 11 Redesign of AuxPlus PE

Working now to identify solutions to reconfigure current functionality and address current shortcomings while adding new capabilities Wish list of future capabilities in development Will require additional resources beyond our current capabilities and budget Attaining short range and longer term goals will be dependent on acquiring additional resources 12 Reorganizing E-Library

Making it easier to find what resources and tools you need to do your job with fewer drill downs Working on a refresh of the E- Directorate Website Archiving old material and resources On-going work in progress 13 Final Thoughts E Directorate has been working hard to deliver state of the art tools (IDC II) and resources (seminars and supplements) to accompany our certificate courses.

One of our goals and our focus is to provide products that can be easily customized by flotillas. A one-size-fitsall approach does not work as each flotilla has different opportunities and challenges to providing education. Certificate courses can and should have local content added, but nothing removed so we retain the certifications of NASBLA and the states. 14 Final Thoughts (Continued) We want to provide flotillas with tools needed for success. Flotillas need to tell their DSO-PE what they need so the DSOs can help us to help you have success.

We encourage Flotillas to reach beyond the comfortable and try new products and seminars. Coupled with basic marketing ideas and RBS teamwork, Flotillas can drive more students into the classrooms and make money for your flotilla. Know that your flotilla is making a difference in peoples lives every time you teach a class or give a seminar. The work performed in Education is the tip of the spear in Prevention. 15 QUESTIONS?

We hope you enjoyed this presentation Thanks for your time 16

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