What the tapestry programme is What an observation should ...

What the tapestry programme is What an observation should ...

Assessment Workshop and using EExAT

Why we assess. How we do it. What the EExAT programme is. What an observation should look like. How you can access EExAT. Why we assess?

We need to know your child and what he/she can do so that we can plan their learning. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets complex assessments in 7 different areas (subdivided further into 17 areas). At the end of the year we want every

child to reach a good level of How we do it Across Reception we use an online learning journal called EExAT. This replaces paper-based learning journals that your child may have had in Nursery. At the end of the academic year you will be

able to download a copy of your childs journal. Teachers and TAs have iPads in the classroom with the EExAT app on them. Each member of staff has a unique login to enable them to access the pupils. When an adult observes your child making a step in their learning, they write a short note called an observation or

evidence. We do this to help us recall all the things your child can do when the time comes to make an assessment. Sometimes a photograph or video will be attached. Some of these special notes will be shared with you. We do this by placing them in your childs learning journal. Let me show you.. The number of observations will vary. This is a very different

system to Tapestry. We will be uploading significant moments in your childs learning. You can expect approximately 2 observations each half term. We dont want to ipad to be a barrier between our relationship with your child. Observations are being written in a busy atmosphere sometimes there may be typos!

Getting you involved If you would like to, we can give you access so you will see these observations online. This will give you some glimpses into what is happening in school. How can parents use EExAT?

1. You can write a reply or give positive feedback about the learning taking place or add anything that you feel could add more insight into the observation. ( If you have concerns about your childs learning

taking place please book an appointment to see the class teacher.) How can parents use EExAT? 2. You can upload any photographs or short videos of a family day out, your child riding a bike, reading a book at home or a religious celebration.

The teacher/TA can then look at this with your child in class or show any relevant photos / short films. Example 1 Johnny came downstairs this morning having put on his uniform including his socks and trousers. He was not able to do this last month. With a bit

of help doing up his buttons he had dressed all by himself. Example 2 Johnny pointed to the notice in Tesco I can see a j, that is for jam, theres the jam it says j-a-m.

The next step? The problem is with respecting confidentiality. You will often see other childrens pictures on photos linked to observations. Sometimes these parents do not want their childs image to be shared. If many parents do not agree then we cannot open it up.

The next step? Once we have signed agreements from most parents we will open it to you. Please only let immediate family have the login details. Under no circumstances are you to comment or post photographs or observations from this onto any social media.

You will only be able to access your childs learning journal not the whole class. Next steps Letter coming out today Please sign the letter and return it as soon as possible. You will then get an access code to

register your details. Please activate that as soon as possible. EExAT Website: https://my.eexat.com/auth/register/ parent Any questions?

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