What is istation?

What is istation?

Beginning With The End In Mind PK Highlights 2008-2009 Shea Stanfield-McGarrah Community-Based School Readiness Integrated Partnership Model for Texas! House Bill 130Full Day High-Quality PK *Considered by many political insiders as the most popular bill in the Texas Legislative session *Sets precedent for importance of early childhood education Development of PK Electronic Report, with Continuous Improvement features PK Report Card Data I-Station Data

PK Electronic Report Card Rationale- To assist the district in measuring the positive impact of our PK program through data analysis Designed with the teacher in mind *Aides in time management *Collects data that can be used to address needs and celebrate successes *Cumulative format to see individual student/classroom growth *Graphable data to use for Continuous Improvement and tracking of students *Designed components to help teachers shape instruction, Mastery vs. Non-mastery skills District Report Card Growth

Social Skills/Work Habits- Often- 87% Motor Skills- Often- 76% Fine Arts- Often- 85% Language Skills- Developed- 82% Math, Science, Technology Skills- Developed- 84% Colors, Shapes, Numbers- Mastery- 91% Letter Recognition, Upper and Lower case (52)- 85% Letter Sounds, Upper and Lower case (52)- 86% Total Report Card Growth/Kindergarten Ready: 85% New PK Guidelines

Texas State Wants: Letter Recognition-77% of all 52 letters Letter Sounds 38% of all sounds mastered HEB District Performance: Letter Recognition-85% Mastery Letter Sounds-86% Mastery What is I-station and how did we do? What is istation? istation is an internet-based comprehensive reading intervention program that ensures

that students reach their full reading potential. Developed using scientificallybased research designed to systematically teach: Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Phonics Fluency Vocabulary Comprehension How does istation ensure that students reach their full potential? Aligned to the federal No Child Left Behind Act and the National Reading Panel (2000). Built as a revolutionary internet-based supplemental reading and intervention program. Provides teachers and administrators with immediate

progress reports on each student in all reading skills. Directly links educators to teacher-directed lessons and supplemental materials for small group and individual intervention. Four Components Assessment istations Indicators of (ISIP) Progress Monthly Universal Screening at the expected grade level (K-3, 4 and up at 3 grade level used for intervention only)

Small Group Instruction Downloadable direct instruction lessons, scope & sequence, Lexile leveled books, and much more. Curriculu m Differentiated instruction provided at the actual skill level versus grade level

Report s ISIP and curriculum reports that help teachers and administrators make data informed instructional decisions HEB PK Comparative Data 2008 2009 Compares HEB to three other Recognized Texas Districts PK LETTER RECOGNITION


DISTRICT 2 ADA 57,000 DISTRICT 3 ADA 123,000 24 14 9 25 14 9

27 17 10 HEB HEB PK Comparative Data 2008 2009 (Avg. scores for Pre-Kindergarten Assessment) LETTER RECOGNITION FLUENCY LETTER SOUND FLUENCY

BEGINNING SOUND FLUENCY HEB 25 19 13 Texas 20 12 7

United States 20 12 8 Expected goals for beginning Kindergarten onlevel 8 8 6

These are average scores for the istation program assessment, ISIP. HEB Pre-Kindergarten istation Data 2008 -2009 648 students are currently using istation 194 students remain in Foundations 84 (43%) of these students are near the end of Foundations Instruction in Foundations: Alphabetic Principle letters & letter sounds Phonological Awareness words, syllables & phonemes Rhyming and Onset & Rime Book & Print Awareness Oral Language, Vocabulary Development

Story Comprehension 454 Students have moved into the Reading Curriculum 6 students in Cycle 0 121 students in Cycle 1 178 students in Cycle 2 87 students in Cycle 3 SV 47 students in Cycle 4 SV 8 students in Cycle 5 1 student in Cycle 8 istation provides for differentiated instruction. Students can progress at their individual rate of learning. Pre-Kindergarten Assessment Data 648 PK students have completed 4 istation

assessments by end of the school year. Letter Recognition Fluency All 15 schools scored above goal. Average scores ended the year with students recognizing 25 letters correctly per minute. Letter Sound Fluency 14 of the 15 campuses scored above the goal. One school scored 1 letter below goal (Goal was 8). Average scores ended the year with students correctly identifying 19 letters per minute. Beginning Sound Fluency 14 of the 15 schools scored above the goal. One school scored 2 letters below the goal (Goal was 6). Average scores ended the year with students

correctly identifying 13 beginning sounds per minute. Program Usage 94% of the students met the intended usage goal of no less than 45 minutes per week. Why is PK succeeding? Staff development is tailored for early childhood and is occurring every 6 weeks Strong curriculum in place (pulled best pieces from several resources) Hiring people with knowledge of child development Using para professionals as second facilitator of learning active in small group rotations All paras required to attend staff development on district days Partnerships with Special Education

Shift in philosophy for building leadersseeing PK as a critical foundation for later academic success! AndLeadership and support is starting at the top of HEB!

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