What is about Japan that makes it a unique island ... - Weebly

What is about Japan that makes it a unique island ... - Weebly

What is about Japan that makes it a unique island country? http://japanesetranslator.co.uk/your-name-in-japanese/ The Japanese chose what things from other cultures that they wanted to use in their own. From the _________ came their writing style (in Characters called _______)now that Japanese have Kana. The Land of the Rising Sun It is Geographically ____________ from its

nearest neighbors________, _________, and _________ (there is 185 km of rough sea between them). Before the 1500s, Europeans did not have a way to reach Japan. The rulers or _________ of Japan were considered descendents of _______________. Therefore, the emperor was considered divine (____________). Page 267 in your textbook We will read the fast forward and have a class discussion.

Question #1 in the over to YOU box Nature ___________ is a great source of pride in Japan. Celebrations and rituals, or special ceremonies Mark the changes in seasons, and is an important part of all Japanese life. _______________ are the most beloved flower of Japan. In March there is a celebration for the blooming of the Cherry trees. (also called Sakura) Represent many things: 1. New beginnings 2. Beauty

3. The shortness of beauty and life vs Nature Good vs. Bad Japan is located where several oceanic and continental _________ plates meet. When these plates shift, Japan while experience an ______________ or volcanic eruption. It will get a major earthquake every few decades. Japan does seem to adapt, start over, and rebuild. Japan is also vulnerable volcanic eruption

that occur under the water, creating ______________ (a huge wave) _____________ and _____________ is a huge part of Japanese life. Earthquakes: The Stuff of Legends According to Japanese legend, there is a giant catfish named ___________ that lives in the mud underneath the earth. It is the thrashing of Namazu that causes _____________________. Namazu was so unpredictable that a god known

as ____________ was sent to restrain him. But whenever Kashima relaxed his grip, Namazu would thrash and the world would experience another major earthquake. Nature and the Ainu The Ainu are Japans __________________ people. _________ plays a dominant role in the Ainu culture. Fire, water, wind, thunder, animals, and plants are like gods (they are called ____________) who visit the

earthly world. The Brown Bear is the most important Kamuy. A Distinct People The Ainu lived in the ______________ part of Japan for several thousand years. The word ainu means _______________ in the Ainu language. The Ainu had their own separate society and territory, but eventually the __________________ began to take over the Ainu lands. The Ainu fought several wars against the Japanese but

were defeated every time. The Japanese began a program of _____________________ WHERE A DOMINANT SOCIETY TRIES TO MAKE A MINORITY SOCIETY GIVE UP THEIR LANGUAGE AND CULTURE AND BECOME SIMILAR TO THE DOMINANT SOCIETY. The Ainu were forbidden to speak their language or practice many of their customs, and were restricted to living in areas the govt provided for them. They were given land to farm, even though they were traditionally a ____________ and ____________________ society. The Ainu Today For many years, the Ainu

were denied ___________ as an official minority by the govt of Japan. In 1997, the Congress of Japan passed legislation that acknowledged their _____________. Some members of the Ainu community were disappointed because the Act did not include an apology for past wrongs done to the Ainu or provide enough help for the Ainu to regain their culture. Shinto: The Way of the

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWRSjieo Spirits 0CY Is the Ancient _____________ of Japan. The love of nature is the most important aspect of Shinto. It is believed that sacred spirits called ______ take to form of objects, such as mountains, trees, and stones. Amaterasu is the most important kami. humans become kami when the die and are ______________ by their families. Shinto does not have a founder or any religious laws. It borrowed aspects of __________________ and ____________________ from China. Being Self-sufficient This means that you dont need anything from anyone else Before _______, Japan didnt really have trade

with any other countries. Yet it survived and prospered How did Japans self-sufficiency contribute to the Japanese worldview? Resources and Climate Japans farmers and fishers provided sufficient food to feed the people. Wood for building and for fuel came from the forests. Silkworm and cotton plants provided material for clothing. As a result, Japan was truly ______________________.

Nature compensated for the limited amount of _____________ (suitable for farming) and instead made it very fertile. A temperate climate and dependable rainfall provided a longer growing season. Rice Rice was the _______ food in Japan. It is very labour intensive to grow and maintain. It was also a system for __________. For tax purposes, the value of land was determined by the estimated amount of rice that it could produce. A persons __________ was determined by the rice

production. Other foods: The sea provided fish, which is one of the main sources of ___________. Another staple food from the sea is _______________________. The sea and its food became ______________ to the Japanese way of life. A Homogenous Society Despite _________________ barriers, the people of Japan have long through of themselves as a _____________________ SIMILAR IN NATURE AND CHARACTER - society, a great unified family with common values and beliefs. The geographic factor that contributed to this aspect

of Japanese society was the sea. Most of the population lived along the coast and the sea provided a communication and trading corridor for them. Ideas, beliefs, and values as well as goods were exchanged. Hamamatsu, Japan Japans 18th largest city and home to 500 000 people. Has a strong economic foundation Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki operate factories there. In the late 1980s/early 1990s, there were not enough workers to fill jobs at the factories. Japans population growth of .02% suggested that

they needed to find a way to bring workers into their community. To keep the factories running, the city recruited workers of Japanese descent from Brazil and Peru. Many of the newly arrived immigrants were descendents of Japanese peoples who had left Japan up to 100 years earlier the workers were Brazilian and Peruvian more than they were Japanese. Today, Hamamatsu continues to thrive economically, and its community is increasingly diverse, including Portuguese, Brazilian, Peruvian and Spanish peoples. Assignment time you will need to describe/show what you have learned about Japanese geography and love of nature (be sure to include resources and beliefs).

Consruct a model Create a mobile Make a song Make a collage Free Space Write a newspaper article Make a Design a Japanese Pamphlet/brochure Website

Plan a nature tour Isolated new countries There have been creations of new nations..why do people isolate themselves from others (their main culture) http://www.escapeartist.com/Travel/Unique_Lifestyles/ For_A_New_Nation/

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