What does SCAPTC do for its member councils

What does SCAPTC do for its member councils

Formed by Parish Councils - Run for Parish Councils - Delivering to Parish Councils Vanguard Parish Councils: A Showcase Jake Atkinson Chief Officer, LRALC PCs have the freedom to act. and have a menu of

powers and virtually no duties. The new DCLG work streams Helping parish & town councils to do more. Using the Community Rights network and Our Place programmes to share expertise from within and around the sector; gathering evidence around the different models of devolution to the parish tier LRALC

believes that there is a huge amount of great work undertaken locally. DCLG visit to Leicestershire scheduled for September 28 th. How can a rural PC replicate You PA services? cant! But there are things you can do.

If you want to keep/initiate certain local services your PC will probably need to do more. Solutions designed, developed and delivered

locally can be better placed to secure cost effective outcomes for people & communities. Local ownership can often make better use of local knowledge, assets, & infrastructure. PCs are usually efficient (cost : benefit ratio) Tonights Case studies

Castle Donington Parish Council Braunstone Town Council Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council Carlton Parish Council Whitwick Parish Council But there are many many more..! Castle Donington Parish

A range of examples of innovative work; Council

5 large, self funded, community events, Youth provision - MUGA & outdoor gym Community hub, saving the library 3m Recreational Strategy S106 Crime reduction initiatives with Police Taking on LCC urban grass verge maintenance Responsible for LCC adopting Chelseas Choice (Child Sexual Exploitation education) Active in grant and sponsorship applications

CDPC Focus on Grant CDPC - successful in securing grants towards: Funding

New Youth Activities Chelseas Choice (applied theatre performance internet safety and CSE) Facilitating creation of a Library CIO Provision towards a Youth Worker CCTV cameras at the allotments Highway verge improvement works Daffodil bulb and tree planting Plus additional grants and event sponsorship

CDPC Focus on Grant NWL Safer Partnership Grant 1000; Funding

NWLDCs 20,000 for 7 grant programme 20,000; The Big Lottery Fund - 10,000 LCC Shire Solutions Grant 4,650; LCC Shire Getting Active -2,500 Our Place Locality - 3,000 in a grant and 3,000 in-kind help; NWLDC Urban Highway Verge grant 2,283 CD School Council - 1,000

Carlton Parish Council Very small parish council (280 electors) CPC previously played a key role in delivering the Carlton Affordable Housing Project

Carlton is crossed by the Leicestershire Round circular path; is at the hub of a network of public footpaths, but with few stiles. Comprised the replacement of seven stiles on a section of public footpath S68 by gates, some additional works, and publication of a Local Walks pack describing 8 circular walks. CPC Carlton S68 Footpath Project

CPC Carlton S68 Footpath The Project: Project enables less-able/vulnerable parishioners to access their local countryside; encourages and enables healthy lifestyles; links with other local paths to create new stilefree circular walks; increases footpath use and maintains rights of

way; encourages tourism. CPC Carlton S68 Footpath Project CPC Carlton S68 Footpath Project CPC Carlton S68 Footpath The completed Project was opened in Nov

Project 2014, the Local Walks Pack was published on the same day. Whitwick Parish Council

WPC created by order in 2010 following a campaign by local people. Whitwick Parish Council held its Inaugural Meeting on 18 May 2011. Whitwick is now the second largest parish in North West Leicestershire.

First major project (Workout in Whitwick) has been delivered in the Councils 5th year. Opened following careful deliberation by WPC and consultation with residents. WPC Workout in Whitwick WPC Workout in Whitwick

New outdoor fitness 'green gym' in Whitwick Park. Include both a childrens activity trail and adult exercise equipment; equipment suitable for all ages and abilities including people with disabilities. 32,00 project delivered at no direct cost to parishioners thanks to S106 planning gain money

and grant funding. NWLDC made 10,000 contribution from their Twenty Thousand for Seven grant scheme. Bagworth & Thornton Parish Serves Bagworth, Merry Lees and Thornton. Council

The area experiences deprivation relating to Income, Employment, and Income Deprivation Affecting Children. The parish is relatively isolated in terms of services and amenities. Bagworth Community Centre was controlled by B&TPC and required refurbishment to make it fit for purpose, fully accessible, and to maximise its

potential. Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council

Bagworth & Thornton Parish B&TPC won more than 330,000 of lottery Council

funding to refurbish the original hall at the centre. Bagworth Community Centre Trust Ltd was created to run the Centre. B&TPC leased the Centre to the Trust. Trust now have an employee and are also responsible for policies, insurance, equipping the kitchen, etc. The Centre includes the PC office, coffee bar, shop, two halls, and a meeting room. Braunstone Town Council

Braunstone Town Council is the largest local council in Leicestershire. No separation between the city and the parish. The parish experiences deprivation in a range of

areas. Local Area Coordination is a model of support for vulnerable people, which focuses on identifying and supporting people who need help before they reach crisis, and working towards building an inclusive resilient community around them. Some final points

This agenda doesnt just relate to larger PCs; you all have the same power to deliver. Nationally and locally many smaller PCs playing a key role in service delivery already. Already a trying and testing time for councils and cllrs; tough decisions having to be made.

More than ever councils will have to work with and listen to local people to deliver the right services in the right way. Share best practice on service transformation Questions?

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