WGTC Dual Enrollment

WGTC Dual Enrollment

WGTC MOVE ON READY Getting WHEN a jump start on your college career! MOVE ON WHEN READY Move On When Ready R O

C E Tec Ce hnica rtifi l ca t e MOWR CORE The MOWR Core program is for students attending a Georgia public or private high school,

or a Georgia approved home school/home study program that wish to take college level coursework for credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements. Eligible students must meet certain criteria. The program is offered during the fall, spring, and summer terms of the year. MOWR CORE COURSES American Government Humanities

American Literature Physics Art Appreciation Psychology Biology Calculus Public Speaking

Chemistry Sociology College Algebra Statistics Economics English History WHAT CAN I DO WITH

THESE COURSES We have 27 transferable course that can transfer to any University System of Georgia school Or, you may stay at WGTC to finish an associates degree after graduating MOWR TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS Technical Certificate courses are for high school students that would like to earn a technical certificate while working toward their high school diploma. Students will receive both technical college credit and high school credit for technical

courses taken through the college. Eligible students must meet certain criteria. These programs are offered during the fall, spring and summer* terms of the school year. *limited availability TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM EXAMPLES Cosmetology Criminal Justice Nurse Aide Welding

HOW DOES IT WORK Students may be enrolled full-time or parttime Students still attend their base high school Students still participate in other classes and activities at their base high school Students attend classes either online or at the WGTC Campus closest to them REQUIREMENTS Be a high school Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior Meet minimum placement test scores required by the college for program or classes SAT, ACT, ASSET, COMPASS, or ACCUPLACER

Must be on track for graduation Complete the WGTC application process online at: www.westgatech.edu/mowr Student and parent must complete Part 1 of the MOWR Program Application online at www.gafutures.org (Must be completed EVERY SEMESTER) High School Counselor must identify the high school courses to be satisfied by the college courses prior to registration each semester THATS GREATBUT WHO PAYS FOR IT? MOWR Funding We know money doesnt grow on trees!!!

MOWR Funding covers tuition, mandatory fees, and books. Some program and course level fees are the responsibility of the student Ex. Lab Fee $20/per semester Students may be responsible for additional costs like: Scrubs, Welding Shields, Cosmo Kits etc. Books are loaned to students

for the semester WHATS MY NEXT STEP? 1. Talk to your Counselor about Move on When Ready and class schedule 2. Complete WGTC Application at www.westgatech.edu/mowr 3. Take placement exam and/or submit scores 4. Complete MOWR Funding Application through www.gafutures.org 5. Come visit us! T3 Tours Third Tuesday of every month, 10:00-11:00am or 5:306:30pm

QUESTIONS Please feel free to contact: [email protected] Or check our website: www.westgatech.edu/mowr

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