Wessex Quality Improvement Fellowship Projects

Wessex Quality Improvement Fellowship Projects

Wessex Quality Improvement Fellowship Project Dr Vicki Osman-Hicks ST6 in Old Age Psychiatry QI Fellow 2012-13 The QI Fellowship The Wessex Quality Improvement Fellowships are 1 year posts (50% clinical job and 50% fellowship) for doctors in training and AHPs. Marion Lynch is the Training Programme Director. A monthly learning set/training day

PDSA reflective cycles in between sessions. Option to complete o Institute of Health Care Managers (IMH) portfolio leading to MIHM, o Or PGCert at Oxford Brookes (trainee-funded option) based on the project. Dementia Awareness in Surgery at UHS. Dementia projects are topical. The QI Project

The Outcomes Screening in Pre-Operative Assessment (Scheduled Care) o All nurses in pre-op now screen all those aged 75+ as routine. o Trend to reduce Length of Stay in combination with ward initiatives. 1 in 5 General Surgery 75+ 1 in 3

Cancer 75+ The Outcomes: Awareness Staff Strongly agreed or agreed that: (73% ) helpful to do memory tests in Pre-Op

(82%) improved experience for relatives and carers Across the division (Surgery, Cancer and Theatres) 75% of all staff wanted dementia

awareness training 14% staff felt the division offers a good service for frail or elderly patients The Outcomes: Education Training for all Nurses!

Dementia Strategy Links 1 hour Dementia and Delirium awareness on mandatory training day for all nurses and HCAs. UHS, Southern Health and HEE Wessex Dementia Strategies. Better Links with

OPMH: o In Division A only. Dementia Champions (Link Roles) across 70% wards. o 2 days training with admiral nurse. The Journey Learning to lead!

Learning new skills! Next Steps Mary OBrien, Consultant PH England Dr Joe Tyrell, Consultant Anaesthetist with a QI role, Yeovil. Jo Hurd co-clinical director on a GP led integration project to

improve care for the frail elderly. Eloise Whitaker, Wessex International Fellowship. With Thanks to the Wider Project Team Including Marion Lynch, Dr Vicky Banks (Supervisor), HEE Wessex, UHS Team, Southern Health Team, Admiral Nurses, Alzheimers Society, Oxford Brookes and IHM.

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