Welcome to Room 303! - Central Bucks School District

Welcome to Room 303! - Central Bucks School District

Welcom e to Room 303! Mrs. Robin London [email protected] Who am I? 13th year teaching career change after 16 years in Human Resources 6th year in 4th grade after 7 years in 5th grade Married for almost 28 years to UD college sweetheart Son Michael, 25, teaches Math at CB South (3rd year) Daughter Dani, 23, works for Gallo Winery (2nd year) Two dogs Kooly (greyhound) and Ellie (hound mix)

Daily Schedule Reminders: Sneakers on Monday for Gym Library books due every other week on Wednesday Recorders on Friday (starting mid-October) Mat h Go Math! pilot program Practice Facts 4th grade goal

mastery of multiplication facts www.xtramath.org 3 times a week (will be used as a math station) www.tenmarks.com will be used as a math station Weekly Facts Quizzes Students must show mastery of all computation facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) at the end of fourth grade = 50 problems in 3 minutes with 100% accuracy Go Math! GO Math! K8 offers an engaging and interactive approach to covering

new state standards. Its seamless digital path and Write-in Student Edition ensure that students can access content at appropriate levels of depth and rigor. Over the past five years, GO Math! has provided trusted content to over seven million students in every U.S. state and 72 countries. GO Math! provides teachers with in-depth instructional support, embedded Professional Development videos and tips, and a wealth of differentiated instruction resources to ensure the depth of instruction required for student success. GO Math! in your classroom Harvard Research Report shows significant improvement in student achievement The Journal Readers' Choice Silver Award: Best Math Program & Formative Assessment Personalized & adaptive instruction with the Personal Math Trainer & HMH Player

HMH Player, GO Math, and Personal Math Trainer and design are trademarks or registered trademarks of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. More information on Go Math! can be found in the testimonial video provided at the following link, click here. Additional information on Go Math! related to the resources that are available through the program can be found at the following link, click here. Writing Writers Notebook A place for your child to record his/her ideas and try out different writing strategies Used every day in class Spelling

Pretest on Mondays Homework - 3 pages in Spelling Journal due on Thursdays Weekly quizzes on Fridays 5-Paragraph Essays Personal Narrative Expository/Informational Opinion 4th grade goal building writing stamina to write 5paragraph essays Reading Teaching students to be metacognitive and

be strategic readers 4th grade goals building reading stamina Students should be able to while have a reading using conversation about their strategies book, not give to deepen comprehension of material just a summary!

Students should always books read enjoying reading have two DEAR 20 Book Challenge goals each marking period and book log for the books they read. Social Studies Social Studies Alive! www.learntci.com students will have login and

password to access textbook and study tools from home Social Scientists and Peopling ofgoal America 4th grade Regions of the Countryreading nonfiction text and using text Northeast features to Southeast remember important Midwest

facts Southwest Family photos and visitors are always welcome to supplement textbook le West Science with Mr. Lesher Electricity 4 grade goal reading nonfiction

text and Watery Earth using text features to remember important Matter facts th Updates to Report Cards Letter grades added in Reading, Math, Writing, Science, and Social Studies Learning Indicators

will be reported with a +, M, /, - instead of E,M,A,LP Report card in grades K-3 is unchanged Trime ster s! Second Chance Learning Building our Classroom Community

Morning Meetings rotate PODs to learn more about each other Chip Challenge working together towards a class reward Friday ticket drawing includes bi-weekly Lunch Bunch rk

Homework will be assigned each night (except weekends/holidays and a light load during special events) DEAR working towards their 20 book challenge keep reading! (estimated time about 20 minutes each night) Math homework to follow up on math skills taught that day, as well as Spiral Review section Spelling due on Thursdays, and weekly quiz (20 words plus 4-5 challenge words) on Fridays Study for SS/Science quizzes study guides will always be provided with ALL OF THE INFORMATION THAT WILL BE COVERED ON THE QUIZ

Homewo rk Homework Books I will check them in the first Contact me if your marking period child is CONSISTENTLY spending more than 40 minutes each night doing homework and/or shows FREQUENT

frustration when doing homework. It is their responsibility! Backup plan Graded my Workwebsite www.cbsd.org/rlondon will come home each WEDNESDAY in Homework Folder

Missed homework 4th Grade Expectations Paws for PRIDE Pride Respect Individual Responsibility Determination Empathy All students need to work toward becoming INDEPENDENT

THINKERS Appropriate behavior with classmates and adults Ability to follow verbal and written directions WE NEED TO LET Be independent! THEM BECOME INDEPENDENT THINKERS! Special Events Pumpkin Math October 31st Need 5 parent volunteers to come in and carve pumpkins

I will send out an email/Sign-Up Genius in the beginning of October for pumpkins, supplies, and volunteers Gingerbread Houses December Need 5 parent volunteers to come in and help us build our gingerbread houses I will send out an email/Sign-Up Genius in the beginning of December for supplies and volunteers Field Trip - Pennsbury Manor May Home & School News Race For Education Race is on November 3rd

Fourth Grade Benefits Scholastic News magazines Classroom library books Various classroom supplies (electric pencil sharpeners, chairs, etc.) BOX TOPS! PEANUT and NUT-TREE Safe! Write a short note back to your child on the back of his/her letter to you

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