Welcome to North Coast Institute Kingscliff Campus

Welcome to North Coast Institute Kingscliff Campus

Welcome to North Coast Institute Kingscliff Course number: 19014 Course Name: Certificate III Information and Digital Technology TVET 2016 Introductions My Name is NICOLE HAGGERTY Contact Details Email: [email protected] Phone: 0266747250 Course Information

Course Outline and Structure Credentials upon completion of course Timetable Available Resources including electronic resources of campus server

Website: https://kingscliffit.wordpress.com/ Student Information Booklet This booklet provides you with : Information you need to know while studying at TAFE NSW-North Coast Institute in 2016. Presents essential information about studying at TAFE NSW,

Explains policies, procedures and commonly used educational terms. Information on support services available to students - services ranging from career and personal counselling, to library and canteen facilities, as well as literacy and numeracy support. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) TAFE NSW - North Coast Institute recognises the skills

and knowledge that you may have gained through previous studies, work and life experiences. When you commence your TAFE NSW course, the skills that you have learnt can be taken into consideration. We call this Recognition. Recognition for a unit of competency means you get advanced standing and will not have to study this unit

of competency in your present course of enrolment. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) For specific advice on the evidence you need for a unit of competency, you should contact the relevant head teacher. If you are concerned about the effect recognition might have on employer requirements, your AUSTUDY or other benefits, you should speak with a counsellor.

Information can also be located at: www.nci.tafensw.edu.au Student Information Fast tracking through units Head teacher Free learning materials available (tbc)

Section Requirements Attendance Protocol when absent Students rights and responsibilities (see information booklet)

Process for complaints Access to teachers including Head teacher Assessment procedures including policy for late and missed events Workplace Health and Safety Teacher Data network drive Campus Facilities Library Student administration Counsellor Disabilities support Student services and cafeteria/lounge IT Teachers Staffroom

Literacy, numeracy and Study support Learner Support Centre Emergency Evacuation Procedure In the event of an emergency/evacuation: remain calm; cease work immediately; follow directions if asked to leave the building. If so, do so immediately in an orderly manner and take valuables; go to the designated assembly area; do not leave campus - stay with roll group and wait to have your name called; do not re-enter the building until directed campus staff.

Emergency Evacuation Areas are marked campus maps throughout the campus. Harassment & Discrimination It is against the law to harass or discriminate against another person on the basis of age, gender, sexual preference, race, disability, homosexuality, marital status or pregnancy. Harassment includes inappropriate conduct that is unwelcome, demeaning, unreciprocated, intimidating and/or offensive against an individual or a group of people. Viewing of bullying and harassment video

(see https://kingscliffit.wordpress.com/) Student Unique Log On When you log on to a computer at TAFE you will be required to log on with your Student DET User ID This will give you access to: Your own secure personal drive accessible from any workstation at your Campus. DET Portal

Email account at the DET Portal Student Induction Checklist Confirm that the above topics have been received and discussed during class or by appointment by completing and signing the Student induction Checklist provided by your teacher Please tick the box at the bottom of the checklist to give us permission to keep samples of your work for assessment validation purposes

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