WELCOME BACK - Marist College

WELCOME BACK - Marist College

WELCOME T THE MARIST COLLEGE DANCE What is MCDE? Completely student run and choreographed club Over 500 members Largest student run on campus Variety of styles and levels

Beginner, intermediate and advanced Contemporary, jazz, hip hop, irish step, kickline, ect. Classes meet once a week for one hour 8 weeks of classes before rehearsal week Classes are everyday except Friday and Saturday (5pm-11pm) Aerobic Studio (McCann) and Dance Studio (Student Center) The Dance Show

November 11th at 4:00pm, November 12th at 2:00pm Show will be at Poughkeepsie High School Spring show is at McCann Rehearsal week is the week before the show, practice every night (one night off) Dress rehearsal the Friday night before the show at PHS Signing Up For Classes Dances will be posted on our website Wednesday,

September 6thth Choose dances that you like, fit your level AND that fit your schedule Email your prospective choreographers on Friday, September 8th at 7:00pm (hint: dont use foxmail) Choreographers must get back to you by Saturday, September 9th by 10:00pm Email the choreographer again if you do not hear back from them If you dont get into any dances please email club

account [email protected] We will find at least 1 dance for everyone to be in What to do if I cant make a meeting or class You are allowed to miss one meeting to receive a priority point You do not have to tell us you are going to miss it or why

Missing dance classes You can miss 2 classes It is then up to the choreographer whether or not to ask you to leave Rec Classes Every Thursday at 9 in the Student Center Dance Studio Different styles and choreographers each

week Go to three to receive in intermural priority point You do not have to be in Dance Ensemble to go! Executive Board 2017-2018! President

Runs and oversees actions of entire club Determines the dates of activities Choreographer auditions Liaison between members and Marist community Brooke

Moylan Vice President Puts together and approves music for show Approves all costume decisions Helps with auditions Rebecca

Lewis Secretary Liaison between executive board and members Sends emails and updates to members Go to if not receiving emails Priority Points

Attend 2/3 meetings (1 point) 3 community service opportunities or committees (1 point) Sarah Long Treasurer Responsible for financial

records of the club In charge of allocations and budget Handles all matters regarding club expenses Kelli Nienstadt Show Committee Manager

Oversees all vendors at the show Responsible for Show Committee (PRIORITY POINT OPPORTUNITY) In charge of apparel and ticket sales Apparel sale dates: Sept. 19th, Sept. 27th, Oct. 2nd, Oct. 5th

Theresa Lotano Apparel Fall 2017 Graphic Design Manager Creates flyers, tickets, programs and posters Creates executive board and choreographer

pictures each semester Sarah Ditterline Community Service Manager Researches and finds events for community service opportunities

(PRIORITY POINT OPPORTUNITIES) Finds organizations for the 50/50 donation Kasey Geremia Upcoming Community Service

Opportunities! Out of the Darkness Walk (September 30) Time: 11am-1pm Dig Pink Volleyball Game (October 20) Time: 7pm Hunger Walk (November 8) Time: TBA Keep an eye out for more community service opportunities through out the semester!!

Social Media Manager Creates and maintains website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook group Website: clubs.marist.edu/dance Twitter: @MaristDance FB: Marist College Dance Ensemble

Instagram: maristdance Snapchat - @MaristDance Bryanna Benvenuti Public Relations Manager Advertises the show both on campus and off campus

Promotes any activities and events of the club Carmen Capobianco Welcome Week! Get a look inside MCDE! Meet some of our choreographers, learn fun routines, and see what it is

like to be in MCDE! Wednesday September 6th 7-8: Contemporary with Brooke & Becca Wednesday September 6th 8-9:30: Jazz with Kasey and Sarah Thursday September 7th 6-7: Tap with Kelli Thursday September 7th 7-8: Hip Hop with Carmen Thursday September 7th 8-9: Contemporary with Allie All classes will be held in the SC DANCE STUDIO!


Follow Us On Social Media! Instagram - @MaristDance Facebook Marist College Dance Ensemble Twitter - @MaristDance Snapchat - @MaristDance Sign Up for Emails! Put your email on our

list to receive club news, general meeting info, and upcoming events! Break the Ice! Get a chance to talk to board members! Name Hometown Major/Minor

Dance Background MCDE Questions? Raffle Time!!!!!!

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