Wednesday, 9/4/13

Wednesday, 9/4/13

Monday, 10/1/18 AP European History subject for the day Lesson #8 Religious violence Goals/activities 1. Journal #9: Short Answer handout practice (2017) 1. As a group, come up with at least three possibilities for ea 2. THEN, choose one to write about; be sure to include both evidence and analysis well look at student samples. 2. Homework check (Lesson #8); return movie sheet 3. PPT on Lesson #8 Homework: No vocab quiz tomorrow Scantron Wed, Essay test Friday, Journals due Fri Starbucks study session, tomorrow evening Tuesday, 10/2/18

POD AP European History Test Prep (review) day! 1. Finish Tudor PPT 2. Quick look at three video reviews (next slide) 3. Look for blanks and confusion in notes 4. Discuss any confusing vocab words 5. Go over some sample questions (next slides) 6. A last look at notes, lesson by lesson 7. STARBUCKS STUDY SESSION tonight 5:00-6:00 Bluebook (short answer test) is Friday Journals due same day as Bluebook Renaissance wrap-up 5m 11m

Renaissance 12m Reformation Sample Test Questions SAMPLE ART QUESTION 3. An expert in realism, Leonardo used a technique in his Mona Lisa to show perspective. What do we call this subtle use of shading to show depth? a. single point perspective b. leading lines. c. fresco d. chiaroscuro Sample Test Questions

SAMPLE QUESTION in the NEW FORMAT 5. Michelangos David displays which of the following thematic innovation of Renaissance artists? a. The depiction of religious personages b. Accurate human anatomy c. The use of bronze as a material d. The portrayal large groups of statues to frighten the crowd Sample Test Questions SAMPLE QUESTION 5. At last it seems to be that I have come to understand why man is the most fortunate of all creatures and consequently worthy of all admiration. The nature of all other beings is limited. Imagine! The great generosity of God! The happiness of man! To man it is allowed to be whatever he chooses to be!

Pico della Mirandola, Oration on the Dignity of Man, 1486 From the passage, one may infer that Pico believed that humankind was unique because a. human beings have a soul b. human beings know that they will die c. it is possible for human beings to go to heaven d. the potential of the human being is unlimited Sample Question Refer to the following passage for the next three questions [Considering the origin of] grace, I find one universal rule concerning it, which seems to me worth more in this matter than any other in all things human that are done or said: and that is to avoid affectation to the uttermost and as it were a very sharp and dangerous rock; and, to use possibly a new word, to practice in everything a certain nonchalance [sprezzatura] that shall conceal design and show that what is done and said is done without effort and almost without thought. From this I believe grace is in large measure derived, because everyone knows the difficulty of those things that are rare and done well, and therefore facility in them excites the highest admiration.

[And] I wish to discuss another matter, which I deem of great importance and therefore think our Courtier ought by no means to omit: and this is to know how to draw and to have acquaintance with the very art of painting. And truly he who does not esteem this at, seems to me very unreasonable; [For] the ancients greatly prized both the art and the artists, which thus attained the summit of highest excellence; very sure proof of which may be found in the antique marble and bronze statues that yet are seen.. Baldesar Castiglione, The Book of the Courtier, 1508-1513 1. The passage is indicative of the princely ideal of the late Renaissance, because a. b. c. d. it promotes individual achievement it is by the author of The Prince it describes the manner in which a prince should behave it focuses on the value of personal achievement for individual success rather than the civic good 2. The passage can be said to illustrate the transformation of traditional values into Renaissance values, because

e. f. g. h. it stresses the pursuit of excellence it extols the virtue of skill in the visceral arts (intellectual) rather than the martial arts (fighting) it stresses the changing of social status of the artist it values grace 3. The passage illustrates the values of Renaissance humanism, because i. j. k. l. it instructs the individual to pay attention to personal appearance

it argues that reason should be the measure of all things it looks to the ancients for guidance in matters of taste and accomplishment it encourages all men to aspire to be Courtiers Short Answer practice Historians have sometimes referred to the Renaissance era as the start of a modern history. 1. Provide TWO pieces of evidence to support this characterization of this period and explain how they support it. 2. Provide ONE specific piece of evidence that undermines this characterization of this time period, and explain how it undermines it. Wednesday, 10/3/18 LUBEST POD TEST DAY

TO CK OF DA Y! DIRECTIONS 1. Sit anywhere 2. grab a scantron (front of room) 3. Cell phone out and OFF 4. Put phone on counter or chalk rack 5. On scantron: name, Subject (REN), Period: 02 or 03 or 05 5. Put name on test questions, too REMINDER #1: BLUEBOOK IS FRIDAY REMINDER #2: JOURNALS COLLECTED FRIDAY

Thursday, 10/4/18 Argue Day 1. Put all pencils and blue highlighters away 2. Look for scantron errors as soon as you get your test 3. Well go page by page 4. If you have a question you think could have been another answer, raise your hand 5. If your argument makes sense to me, I could give everyone the point back 6. If #5 is the case, circle/highlight the question, raise your hand, and spin the test so it faces me; point to it when I arrive youll get a blue mark of happy (blue highlighter) 7. Once there is only 5 min left in class, argue day is over ESSAYS ARE ALWAYS IN PEN; BRING TWO PENS TOMORROW Friday, 10/5/18 Short Answer Day

1. Take out your journal DUE TODAY 2. USE PEN ONLY 3. Plan writing on question sheet 4. All writing must be on lined sheet, and must stay within the block 5. Plan carefully. a. Each question has three parts b. Each part has three sentences c. Each sentence will earn up to five points

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