WaterRA 1075 Optimisation of Existing Instrumentation to ...

WaterRA 1075 Optimisation of Existing Instrumentation to ...

Improve the Understanding of Online Water Monitoring Instrument Applications - The Voice of Experience Phuong Do1, Christopher Chow1, Amanda Mussared2, Rolando Fabris2, Con Pelekani2 1. University of South Australia, SA 2. SA Water, SA Relevance Online monitoring is obviously useful for regional CWMS operators. o Many of the assets are isolated and distant. o Online data are cheaper and sooner. But is it worth the cost? o All wastewater outputs must comply with regulated standards. o Online monitoring does not substitute for regulated requirements. This presentation reports the latest information.

Background Online monitoring instruments are widely used in the water utility sector and have advantages over traditional monitoring techniques. o Provide real-time monitoring of water quality and process information. Challenges: o Variations in performance and reliability o Large volumes of online data Background

o Ozwater12 Workshop highlighted the need for additional research to improve utilisation and performance. o Project 1075 funded by Water Research Australia (WaterRA). o Seeks to better understand and begin to address issues in online instrumentation applications. Research Map Project WaterRA 1075 Module 1 - Current state of knowledge o Aim: to capture a current Australian industry baseline with respect to online instrument applications. o Information was captured by two methodologies. Methodology

(1) Published Resources and Guides (2) Industry Baseline Survey A standard literature review covering broad topics of interest A survey of industry representatives across Australia Published Resources and Guides

o o o o o Published guidance documents, journal articles and industry reports. Factors affect instrument performance and data use. Existing tools to improve optimization of systems. Status of online instrument accreditation/standardization. Four key topics: 1 Identification of performance indicators and measurement issues 2 Instrument maintenance issues 3 Data management 4 Regulation

Published Resources and Guides Accuracy and performance of online instruments There are factors that impact the instrument accuracy and efficiency. o Installation o Maintenance requirements o Calibration o Sensor type/model o Water quality Installation of the s::can spectro::lyser

Cleaning of s::can measuring (sample) cell a) Sample Cell before clean b) Sample Cell after clean Published Resources and Guides Current use of online instrumentation o Emerging sensor technologies. o The need for better online measurement of fluoride, and online automation of calculated parameters. Data management and optimization o Data is managed by the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. o Data processing software for analysis of online data (OSISoft Pi, Microsoft BI, etc.). Regulation

of online instrumentation . o No regulatory requirements to employ online instruments. o No NATA Accreditation by National Association Testing Authorities, Australia. Industry Baseline Survey o The industry experience is mainly unpublished. o A survey of industry representatives across Australia (water utilities, research institutions and instrument suppliers). o 23 questions focus on the four key topics.

WaterRA 1075 kick-off meeting questionnaire, Q&A example Q. Are the current maintenance requirements compatible with efficient plant operation? A. Operators and water quality managers have a good understanding of maintenance requirements, however making maintenance compatible with efficient plant operation is a

significant challenge. Industry Baseline Survey o Project kick-off meeting between partners Rob connected via phonelink Pre-recorded PowerPoint Presentation from Research Team Questionnaire to capture knowledge

from industry Pierre in Canada via Skype Department of Industry & Science (AusIndustry & NMI) Video Conference Facility Knowledge gaps 1. Data visualisation and analytic portals and tools for real-time data processing. 2. Data management tools to filter out/detect bad instrument data. 3. Limited guidance on online instrument installation, selection and performance measures.

Outcomes - Research development 1. A portal accurately interpret and visualize online data to support real-time online data processing and management. 2. Differentiate between online instrument responses, e.g., detecting false positive/ event responses (turbidity). 3. Address industry concerns on formal standards/regulation for the operation of online instruments.

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