VT PowerPoint Template

VT PowerPoint Template

HokieMart Town Hall Meeting 2014 Presented jointly by the: Controllers Office & Procurement Department January 15, 2014 Todays Agenda Welcome & Introduction of Speakers Hokie Swap Campus Redistribution of Surplus Prop New HokieMart User Interface New Navigation

Short Payment Terms for some vendors VT Electronic Invoice Vendors New Edit Feature for Internal Service Vendors New Account Codes for EHHS Procurement Contract Website Updates and Accessibility Questions and Answer Session 2 HOKIE SWAP TOM KALOUPEK https://hokieswap.vt.edu/ 3 HOKIEMART NEW USER INTERFACE NEW NAVIGATION BONNIE SUTPHIN & WENDELL VEST

sa a h t r a HokieM ! w ne 4 www.hokiemart.vt.edu SHORT PAYMENT TERMS FOR SOME

VENDORS WENDELL VEST 5 Vendors with Special Payment Terms Vendor Name Terms CDW-G 0% 0, Net 20 Fisher Scientific Company LLC 0% 0, Net 15 Taylor Office Supply Inc

0% 0, Net 20 Nikon Instruments Inc 1% 20, Net 30 Allentown Inc 1% 20, Net 30 Animal Health International 2% 15, Net 30 VT ELECTRONIC INVOICE VENDORS Wendell

Wendell Vest Vest http://www.procurement.vt.edu/ HokieMart/VT-Electronic-InvSuppliers.pdf 6 Virginia Tech Electronic Invoice Vendors Vendor Name Applied Biosystems LLC BioExpress Corporation Bio-Rad Laboratories CDW-G Complete Book & Media Supply Inc. Dell Marketing LP ECK Supply Company, Inc. Fisher Scientific Company LLC Guy Brown Products Heavener Hardware & Lumber

Integrated DNA Technologies Inc Invitrogen Corporation McMaster Carr Supply Company MSC Industrial Supply Company New England Biolabs Inc New River Office Supply Inc Qiagen Inc Sigma-Aldrich Inc Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products Taylor Office Supply Inc The Supply Room Companies Inc Thomas Scientific Inc USA Scientific Inc VWR International Inc W W Grainger Inc Portal? Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes INTERNAL SERVICE CENTER VENDORS NEW EDIT WENDELL VEST Internal Service Centers with approved rate Listing on Procurement Dept website http://www.procurement.vt.edu/HokieMart/service_ctrs.pdf

Must use account code 1244R on Requisition Rejected before approvals if incorrect account code 7 NEW ACCOUNT CODES FOR EHSS BONNIE SUTPHIN http://www.procurement.vt.edu/HokieMart/hm.html 8 PROCUREMENT CONTRACT WEBSITE UPDATES AND ACCESSIBILITY

Bonnie Bonnie Sutphin Sutphin http://www.apps.procurement.vt.edu/contracts/ 9 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Your turn! All questions and answers will be complied and put on-line when the Town Hall Meeting is posted. for those at: www.procurement.vt.edu under the Announcement section. 10

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