Volunteer Guide - Changing Paces

Volunteer Guide - Changing Paces

VOLUNTEER GUIDE TO ACCESSIBLE CUSTOMER TO ACCESSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE SERVICE Brought to you by Brought to you by www.TrishRobichaud.com www.TrishRobichaud.com

AGENDA Current Disability Statistics & Growing Rate of Disability Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Accessibility Standards Regulations Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Recognizing Barriers to Accessibility

Story Time & Group Reflection Summary 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud 2 DISABILITY STATISTICS

2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud 3 INCREASING RATE OF DISABILITY 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud 4 ACCESSIBILITY FOR ONTARIANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AODA Accessible Ontario by January 1, 2025

Standards Customer Service, Employment, Transportation, Information & Communications & Built Environment Education to change attitudes, values & behaviours Public & private sector mandates Measures, policies & practices defined for removal & prevention of barriers Enforcement provisions to include audits, inspections & penalties 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud

5 PRINCIPLES OF ACCESSIBILE CUSTOMER SERVICE 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud

6 Dignity Independence Inclusion Equal Opportunity CUSTOMER SERVICE STANDARDS COMPLIANCE

Both public and private sectors Non-Compliance Penalties Establishment of Policies & Practices Use of Service Animals or Support Persons Notice of Temporary Disruptions

Training Feedback Process Format of Documents 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud 7 BARRIERS TO ACCESSIBILITY 8

Physical Barriers Communication Barriers Systemic Barriers Attitudinal Barriers 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud STORY TIME GROUP REFLECTION 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud 9

EVALUATION 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud 10 REVIEW Overview of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, (AODA). Basic principles as well as the specific components of the Accessibility Standard for Customer

Service. Appropriate direction on interacting and communicating with people with disabilities as well as their service animals and support personnel. Clearer understanding of the types of barriers that people with disabilities face daily. 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud 11 QUESTIONS

2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud 12 THANK YOU 2007-2013 www.ChangingPaces.com & Trish Robichaud 13

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