Using varied sentences -

Using varied sentences -

USING SENTENCE VARIETY Copyright 2015 by Write Score LLC Learning Objectives and Goals: Students will learn to use sentence variety through: Using various sentence types Combining sentences

Why Use Sentence Variety? Varying sentence structure keeps the readers attention. oVarying sentence length helps the writer emphasize important points and connect related ideas. Short sentences can be POWERFUL!

Victory was mine. But too many short sentences writing sound choppy. make Why Use Sentence Variety? Long sentences can provide details and description. After hours in the heat of the blazing sun, pulverizing

the ball with determined ferocity, victory was mine with one final blast over the net. But too many long sentences can make writing hard to follow. Simple Sentences: Simple sentences have a subject and a verb and express a complete thought. They can be short: Alligators live in Florida.

They can be long: Alligators of all shapes and sizes live wildly in the vast swampland of southern Florida. Simple Sentences: They can have compound subjects: Alligators and lizards live in Florida. They can have more than one verb.

Alligators live in Florida and other southern states. Compound Sentences: Compound sentences are two or more complete sentences joined by a comma and a conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). Compound sentences can also be joined with a semicolon and conjunctive adverb when the ideas are very closely related (moreover, otherwise,

therefore, however). Fish make good pets, for they are quiet and neat. Complex Sentences: Complex sentences are sentences that contain an independent clause and a dependent clause, which is a phrase that cant stand on its own. Complex sentences can be joined with

subordinating conjunctions like after, although, before, how, if/then, since, though, when, where, whether, which, while, because, that, etc. When she was younger, she competed as a junior Olympian. Combining Sentences: Using Adjectives Adjective: a word that describes a noun or pronoun. Sentence 1: We chased fireflies. Sentence 2: They were glowing in the night.

Combined: We chased glowing fireflies in the night. Combining Sentences: Using Adverbs Adverb: a word that describes a verb, adjective, or other adverbs. It is used to show time, manner, place, or degree. Sentence 1: He was clearly winning. Sentence 2: He decided to slow his pace. Combined: Clearly winning, he decided to

slow his pace. Combining Sentences: Using Appositives Appositive: a noun that describes another noun or pronoun. Sentence 1: The cyclist had amazing stamina. Sentence 2: The cyclist is an endurance athlete. Combined: The cyclist, an endurance athlete,

had amazing stamina. Combining Sentences: Using a Series Ideas from multiple sentences can be combined by listing them in a series separated by commas. Sentence 1: Performing artists must be able to act. Sentence 2: Additionally, they should be able to sing and dance. Combined: Performing artists must be able to act,

sing, and dance. Combining Sentences: Using Clauses and Phrases Clause: a subject and verb used to convey meaning. Phrase: a group of words that add meaning or details to a sentence. Sentence 1: Some students walk to school alone. Sentence 2: For better safety, they should walk

with a friend. Combined: Students who walk alone to school should walk with a friend for better safety. With a Partner: Read and discuss each sentence. Combine each sentence as indicated in parentheses. 1.Year-round school has many benefits. The advantages are remarkable. (combine using an adjective) 2.Many people are interested in year-round school. It is increasingly popular. (combine and start with the adverb) 3.Students maintain their study skills. They also keep up

their reading skills and math skills. (combine using a series) With a Partner: 4. Year-round schools are also known as alternative schedule schools. These types of schools still have regular breaks for holidays and vacations. (combine using an appositive) 5. Multi-track-options allow students to attend school during different sessions. This helps with

overcrowding. (combine using a phrase) On Your Own! Review each sentence from the previous exercise. Using a combination of sentence types, rewrite the sentences to form a cohesive paragraph about yearround school. Mark each sentence with: S - Simple C - Compound X - Complex

Exemplary Response: Year-round school has many remarkable advantages, so they are becoming increasingly popular. C Students maintain their reading, math, and study skills while still having regular breaks for holidays and vacations. X They also help with overcrowding in schools. S They are a great alternative.

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