Update on Border Issues - Border Legislative C

Update on Border Issues - Border Legislative C

Update on Border Issues Border Legislative Conference Border Trade Alliance Phoenix, Arizona December 8, 2006 BTA Tri-national organization with 20 Years of existence Advocate for the facilitation of movement of goods and people Mission is to improve the quality of life of

border communities Committee-driven organization made up of volunteers Pre 9/11 Benchmarks to cross the border 20 Minutes in any 24 hour time frame Documents required of Mexican travelers ONLY Laser Visa as of 1997 (valid for 10 years) US and Canadian Citizens can make oral declaration The border considered an inconvenience No national headlines

Post 9/11 Average wait times in excess of 45 minutes in a 24-hour period; Eventual exit controls at borders; Ongoing Battle of Security VS. Facilitation; Not Under My Watch mentality; Drastic increase in inspection standards, procedures and personnel; More Fences; National Guard (unarmed); National headlines and key theme in national politics; and More


PPP; SBInet; and More Areas that need our attention Infrastructure at our Ports of Entry Inspection procedures Staffing and training Resource allocation & management procedures Bilateral coordination Shared border environment Perception of the border

We Are All In This Together Infrastructure Trade continues to grow at a faster pace than infrastructure. Mode Road Rail Water Pipeline Air Total

Billions $491 $116 $58 $52 $33 $750 Source: 2005 US Department of Transportation Cattle Pens

Mexican Inspection Southbound Northbound MX US Inspection FAST Lanes US N

ADOT Infrastructure GSA and BTA formed a partnership to provide input on future of infrastructure at our ports of entry: Better Cheaper Faster Presidential Permit Process Public-Private Partnerships US-VISIT US Visitor and Immigrant Status

Indicator Technology Delays in uploading data No signage or video presentations Technology not integrated No adoption of technology in inspection process Single vendor testing Testing affects ONLY 3% to 4% of traveling public WHTI Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

Recommended by the 9/11 Commission All US Citizens entering into the United States need to present a passport or a DHS recognized ID. Will be required at exit as well Only 23% of US population have passports (71 million active passports) According to the Department of State they expect to process 15 million passports next year New PASS Card for Land Borders WHTI Amendment to delay the implementation of WHTI until June of 2009.

Remaining Issues: Coordination between DOS and DHS; DOS Ability to issue Passports Outreach to traveling public Recognition of alternative documents Day Traveler Technology compatibility The WHTI Federal Register Notice for Land POEs will be published soon. C-TPAT Rail Project Partnership with C-TPAT companies, Rail companies, CBP, FRA and state organizations

Goal to expedite dedicated rail for C-TPAT companies Maximize existing infrastructure Focus technology and dedicated programs to low risk cargo ACE (Automated Customs Environment) The program enables commercial motor carriers and shippers to submit their manifests electronically prior to their arrival at U.S. port of entry. The program is designed to reduce processing

times and for online tracking of shipments. The E-Manifest Federal Register Notice will be published soon.

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