University of Hawaii the School of Ocean and Earth Science ...

University of Hawaii the School of Ocean and Earth Science ...

HIGP Earthquake Seismology Mission To perform excellent research in the field of earthquake seismology Include studies relevant to the State of Hawaii, where there are high earthquake, tsunami, and volcano hazards and a wealth of interesting seismological problems Secure funding, publish papers, train students and postdocs, teach courses, conduct education and outreach (such as interviews with the press and testimony at the legislature after the Mw 6.7 Kiholo Bay earthquake) Develop important collaborations and interactions: the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center,

the Hawaii Integrated Seismic Network, as well as national and international collaborations Personnel Cecily J. Wolfe, hired 8/2000 Carolina Anchieta (graduate student) Undergraduate RAs Also collaborations with scientists at USGS HVO, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Yale, Stanford, U. Wisconsin New collaborator: Takuji Yamada, a research Fellow at

HVO starting May 2008, funded by Japan JSPS proposal written with help from Cecily Wolfe and Paul Okubo Funded research projects PLUME: a $2.5 million NSF-funded project (split among several institutions and ocean bottom seismometer deployment costs). Cecily Wolfe is the lead PI on upper mantle body wave tomography and Hawaiian earthquakes and a collaborator on surface wave studies, shear-wave splitting, and receiver function work. Slow earthquakes and triggered seismicity: $50K NSF SGER (split among 2 institutions) and USGS support to conduct a seismic

and geodetic experiment in 2007, which was successful in recording a dike-triggered slow earthquake. An NSF grant for analyses with student or postdoc support is pending. Studies remaining from expired NSF EAR grant on Hawaiian earthquakes. Mauna Loa deep long period earthquake swarm: 2,000 long-period earthquakes at ~45 km depth, associated with the 2002-2005 intrusion. Kiholo Bay earthquake aftershocks. Examples of major new results Figure from article on the PLUME Experiment, Nature, 2003

Configuration of 2 PLUME deployments Hawaiian earthquakes, 1861-2005, showing that some large damaging earthquakes occur outside of the Big Island, an area that is not well monitored by the USGS HVO New PLUME results from finite frequency S wave tomography beneath the Hawaiian Islands

1st PLUME deployment data only; 2nd PLUME deployment data will help extend image deeper This PLUME study has already been solicited for submission by Brooks Hanson, Deputy Editor for Physical Sciences at Science Magazine

PLUME analyses discover new seismically active fault zones beneath Maui, Molokai, and near Oahu HVO located earthquakes on PLUME New earthquakes on PLUME Future directions PLUME follow-on and geodynamics proposal (PLUME PIs, Garrett Ito/Dave Bercovici)

Ocean observing with PLUME data USGS Earthquake Hazards external grant program (but only funds small grants, typically 1 year at $60K) HVO/UH Manoa cooperative agreement

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