Unit One Vocabulary

Unit One Vocabulary

UNIT TWO VOCABULARY Week Seven ERR (VERB) make a mistake

It is always better to err on the side of safety than regret an accident. . GIBBER

(VERB) babble incoherently I was so scared that all I could do was gibber.

PARVENU (NOUN) someone newly rich The lottery winner is now in the ranks of the parvenu.


laughable/ridiculous RETORT (NOUN/VERB) verbal response

SAPIENT (ADJECTIVE) possessing great wisdom Millions of people believe the Dalai Lama to be a sapient man.

SPORADIC (ADJECTIVE) irregular Bring an umbrella, the weatherman is

forecasting sporadic rain. STYGIAN (ADJECTIVE) hellish

The zombie apocalypse is too stygian to contemplate. SURMOUNT (VERB) overcome

It takes perseverance to surmount lifes obstacles.

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