Understanding and Using Culinary Math and Recipes

Understanding and Using Culinary Math and Recipes

In recipes In calculating food costs In determining yields A written record of ingredients and preparation steps needed to make a particular dish. A recipe used in a professional kitchen. Standardized recipes help to: Ensure consistent quality and quantity

Reduce costs by eliminating waste Give exact information about a dish Recipes can be collected from many sources. Magazines

Cookbooks Newspapers Internet People Recipes can be arranged by region, ethnic type, main ingredient, type of dish, type of meal, or cooking method. Count: ingredients are listed as whole item.example: eggs Volume: liquids and small amounts of dry

ingredients.example: spices, baking powder Weight: measures more accurately than volumeexample: flour

Dry Volume Overfill the cup or spoon Scrape off excess Liquid Volume Set container on flat surface. Fill to correct mark. Inspect with eye level at mark. Adjust as needed. Weight Set the tare: weight of the container Place food in container on scale. Read weight and add or remove food.

Customary used in US

T or Tbsp: tablespoon tsp or t: teaspoon Fl. Oz.: fluid ounce C: cup Lb or #.: pound - pt.: pint qt.: quart oz.: ounce gal.: gallon

Metric system used in most parts of the world Milliliter: ml Milligram: mg Kilogram: kg - liter: l - gram: g Yield: total number of portions Portion: serving size for 1 person Ingredient list

Equip information Preparation method 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Read the entire recipe.

Determine the yield. Determine ingredients needed. Determine equipment needed. Determine preparation techniques used? (do you understand them?) Determine time needed for preparation. Scale: to change the amount of ingredients

to get a new yield RCF: Recipe conversion factor Used to help change the yield in a recipe RCF= yield you want yield of the original recipe To change the ingredient amount take the original ingredient amount X RCF

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