UML Use Cases - NASA

UML Use Cases - NASA

NASA OSMA SAS '01 Requirements Use case Tool James R. McCoy SRS Information Services NASA Software Assurance Technology Center 9/01 RUT 1 Introduction

System requirements are the foundation upon which an entire system is built. Traditional vehicle for capturing and communicating requirements is the Software Requirements Specification (SRS). Use cases provide a more user-centered approach for specifying requirements. 9/01 RUT 2

Unified Modeling Language The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the industry-standard language for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of complex software systems. The UML: Is a language. Applies to modeling and systems. Is based on the object-oriented paradigm. 9/01 RUT

3 Use Case Model Use cases were designed to capture, via a combination of structured text and graphics, the functional requirements of a system. Use cases are usually described in a textual document that accompanies a use case diagram. The combination of these use case diagrams and their supporting documentation is known as a use case model. 9/01

RUT 4 Use Case Model Use case models: Illustrate a systems intended functions (use cases), its surroundings (actors), and the relationships between them (use case diagrams). Are used to COMMUNICATE. Provide a vehicle used by customers and developers to discuss the systems functionality.

9/01 RUT 5 UML Use Case Diagram Fowler, M., & Scott, K., UML Distilled: Applying the Standard Object Modeling Language, Addison-Wesley, 1997. 9/01 RUT 6

Research Problem Research has been conducted on writing effective software requirements in a natural language and has resulted in the development of a tool for evaluating them. Use cases provide a more methodological basis for specifying and managing understandable, buildable, and verifiable functional requirements, but there is no clear evaluation technique for requirements written as use cases. 9/01

RUT 7 Solution Identify the attributes of a quality use case. Develop software tool for analyzing use cases based on these characteristics. 9/01 RUT 8

Quality Use Cases Use cases are written as natural language text descriptions expressed informally. The descriptions express what happens from the users point of view. The details of how the system works internally are irrelevant to a use case. It is preferable to have actions numbered and starting on new lines. This keeps the narrative clear, improves traceability from requirements to design or test, and allows specific line references needed in the Extensions section. 9/01

RUT 9 Validating Use Cases Is the use case complete? Is the actors goal going to be met? Are there any changes that would simplify the process depicted in the use case? Are there any additional goals that are not addressed? Are there any additional actors that are not represented?

9/01 RUT 10 Tool Features 9/01

Use case repository. Standard use case template. Integration with Rational Rose. Mapping and numbering consistency. Pop-up validation questions. RUT 11 RUT Screen Shot 9/01 RUT

12 RUT Screen Shot 9/01 RUT 13

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