UCSF Presentation Template

UCSF Presentation Template

UCSF Health Overview Managers Chart of Accounts for Cost Center [Health COA-102] Welcome to the Chart of Accounts Overview (Health COA-102) course Developed for cost center managers to provide information needed to transition to the new chart of accounts at UCSF Health Remember that course materials can be reviewed online as many times as youd like at your own pace. 2 UCSF Chart of Accounts 3 UCSF Chart of Accounts

What is the Chart of Accounts? In this section, the UCSF COA is reviewed, providing a visual representation of how chartfields can be combined into chartstrings that are used to build, bind and define our financial structure Why do we need the Chart of Accounts? The UCSF COA enables users of EPSI and MyReports to identify transactions and related activities for dynamic reporting, and enables budgeting and planning through EPSi Chart of Accounts is the common language between entities, systems, and tools 4 UCSF Chartfields The Chart of Accounts represents the building Chartstring blocks of the general ledger Chartfield use pus

m a C only Chartfields primarily used by cost center managers 5 Chartfields work together in a Chartstring to facilitate accounting, reporting and budgeting The Chartstring is comprised of a sequence of Chartfields used in combination to bring meaning to operational and financial data Primarily used chartfields Needed to navidate MyReports, VAT

Benioff Childrens Hospital Oakland (SFCHO) is primary Business Unit used by cost center managers Busine ss Unit Describes which organization the transaction belongs to Altern ate Accou nt Identifies the accounting nature or classification (type) of the transaction Describes the department or unit responsible for the transaction Represents distinctively identifiable department, division, or unit of DeptID an organization whose managers are responsible for all its associated costs and ensuring adherence to its budgets DeptID used to be called cost center

Why are we changing nomenclature, when h uses cost centers? Because UCSF Health is an academic medical ce associated with one of the national premier resea universities, we strive to be one entity and use on 6 Mapping cross-walk (For BCHO Navigation tool between Meditech and Only) PeopleSoft Meditech Chartstrin g (BCHO) AltAccount and DeptID (UCSF

Health) S E PLDeptID M A EX 7 Meditech Corp/ CC combo 107011 107060 107070 107071 Mapping cross-walk tool at https://its-ba.ucsf.edu/bchoma pping / PeopleSoft Description Dept ID TRAUMA SALS MGMT/ SUP

701150 PSYCHIATRIC EMER SVC SAL 706050 NEONATAL FOLLOWUP SALSMGMT/ SUP 707059 ADOLESCENT MEDICINE SALSTECH/ S 707190 Description TRAUMA PSYCHIATRIC EMER SVCS NEONATAL FOLLOW UP TEEN CLINIC PeopleSoft trees 8 What is a PeopleSoft tree? Provides report options, from transaction detail to summary information UCSF Health maintains four PeopleSoft trees: 1. 2. 3.

4. Business Units Alt-Accounts Relevant for Cost Center DeptIDs Managers Funds PeopleSoft trees provide hierarchical roll-up organization Nodes are alpha-numeric; posting levels where the transactions sit are numeric PeopleSoft trees maintained by the UCSF Health Controllers Office 9 Posting level is called the leaf Parent levels or nodes do not accept financial postings DeptID tree

Transaction postings can occur at levels 3, 4, 5 or 6 200000 Level Medical1 Center Main H1090B Level 2 CNO 772001 Respiratory Care Services Level 3 H1018C Clinical Services H1019D Heart and Vascular Center Level 4 Level 5

H1040E Noninvasive & Invasive Labs Level 6 763006 Vascular Lab 759004 Cardiac Rehab 10 773070 SOM CVRI Parent level or node Posting level or leaf ree

t D tI Dep resents e rep ed tre g rag Signing into MyAccess Go to MyAccess at http://myaccess.ucsf.edu Enter your username and password combination in the Username and Username options Example Password fields: Username SmithJ UCSF email address

[email protected] edu ucsfmc\ smithj UCSF Health domain username 11 Click Login Click the button and select favorite applications, such as PeopleSoft or MyReports Mapping Access tool will be available under MyAccess July 24, 2017 EPSi and MyReports will be available on Dec 1.

Setting up new chartfields Chartfield Set up process Business Unit Alt-Account Fund DeptID Project Activity Period Coordinated centrally Contact your Controllers Office Jenny Pulliam (West Bay) Judy Liske (East Bay) Ana Lee (capital projects) Function Flexfield Not used for UCSF Health

entities Links to forms are on the website under Forms https://healthfinance.ucsf.edu/forms 12 Data flow overview 13 Data flow overview It is important to understand how the flow of financial data has changed to support the Chart of Accounts (COA), MyReports, and EPSi for UCSF Health. Understanding the flow will help you to understand at what point you are interacting with the data, where it came from and where it may go downstream. PeopleSoft is the financial book of record. The new COA is defined and maintained in PeopleSoft. This information is interfaced real time to other systems that interact and feed financial information back to PeopleSoft. 14 Key UCSF Health data flows PeopleS oft

GL nVision Intra-day reporting reporting Source of Actuals data is in PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts, SpeedTypes and Combo Edits are defined and maintained in PeopleSoft FADW Employee Time Time and and Expense

MyExpen se UCSF Payroll HBS McKesso n PO/AP Agency Files Omniview BCHO ADP / Kronos Financial and Administrative Data Warehouse

ODS Operational Data Store EPSi 15 Summary data flows for discussion only; details vary Asset Mgmt MyReports Updated nightly Income Statement Report Balance Sheet Report Income Statement

Variance Key Operating Trends Alt Account Detail Report Business Line Report Health Financial Highlights Labor Productivity Monthly Variance McKesson AP Detail MyReports New reporting tool to support your financial and operational reporting needs MyReports Easy access to accurate, consistent and relevant financial information Establishes commonly

used standard definitions for reporting elements Enables security through roles Features go-to y r a Prim ol for s o t g n i report er manager

ent cost c 16 Updated nightly Can be filtered by all chartfields Sorting options tailored to each report Drill-through capability to the transaction level Expand/collapse functions available for select reports Fixed and flex budget information available for select reports Further training sessions will be provided Chart of Accounts resources and tools 17

Quick references and job aids Job aids are under development and will be available on the UCSF Health Finance website 18 Support 19 Next steps 20 We need your help Review, improve, document, and validate current and future processes and procedures what works for you and what doesnt Participate in training or train-thetrainer sessions Are there additional trainings needed

We want to hear your ideas, suggestions, and questions please reach out to the project team 21

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