To kill a making bird Chapter 9

To kill a making bird Chapter 9

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 9 By Riswin, Jack, Kurt and Nick Plot The plot of this chapter is that Scout gets bullied, because his father was defending a coloured person in courts. Also according to the book, aiding or liking a coloured person was frowned upon and very shameful. This chapter strongly relates to the theme of race rejection, which was happening a lot in many parts of America. Quotes: Page 83: He had announced in the school yard that Finchs father was

defending a coloured person Page:93 ##### Lover Characters Cecil Jacobs- Cecil Jacobs is a bully at Scouts school and is always out to get her in trouble. On page 82, my fists were clenched and I was ready to let fly. This is to show how much Scout really wants Cecil Jacobs to leave him alone and she wants to hurt him really bad. Uncle Jack- Uncle jack is a rare visitor around Maycomb but he comes around on every Christmas eve and stays for around a week. This shown on p.85 when Scout says every Christmas eve day we would meet uncle jack at Maycomb Junction, and he would spend up to a week with us. Tom Robinson- Tom Robinson a negro whos lawyer is Atticus Finch and he lives in a little settlement beyond the town dump. On page 85 there is a brief description of Tom Robinson He lives in that little settlement beyond the town dump. Hes a member of

Calpurnias church. Tom Goes to church with Calpurnia who also happens to be Atticuss maid around the house. Aunt Alexandra- She was a sister to Atticus as we find this out on Page 86. On this same page the readers find out that Aunt Alexandra is compared to a lot of things such as when Lee stats Aunt Alexandra could have been analogous to mount Everest. This means that people are comparing her to a mountain. Francis- At Christmas time every year Francis is dropped off at his grandparents house whilst his parents go away on holiday. As this makes him angry and uncooperative. In his brief description on page 86 readers are set to know this through Scouts description of him. He was a year older than I and I avoided him on principle; he enjoyed everything I disapproved of, and disliked my ingenious diversions. Setting In chapter 9 one of the settings was Finchs Landing, Scouts description of the place was a boring place in the middle of nowhere. Another setting is the Finch's family

house, Scouts description of the place is that it was a house which was worked hard on. Quotes: Page: 88 At the end of the road was two-storied, white house with porches circling it upstairs and downstairs. In his old age, our ancestor Simon Finch had built it to please his nagging wife; but with the porches all resemblance to ordinary houses of its era ended. Page: 88 Finchs Landing consisted of three hundred and sixty-six steps down a high bluff and ending in a jetty. Farther downstream, beyond the jetty, were traces of an old cotton landing, where Finch Negroes had loaded bales and produce, unloaded blocks of ice, flour and sugar, farm equipment, and feminine apparel. A two-rut road ran from the riverside and vanished among dark trees.

Themes Going against the crowd and race rejection are the themes In chapter Atticus is standing up for what is right and that he is going against the crowd by defending a black. The prejudice against blacks in Maycomb is so strong that even family members blame Atticus for defending a black. Quotes: he continues Scout that people even their friends, might say dirty things to her Page:93 At finch's landing, Francis calls Atticus a ##### lover

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