Title : Business Driven Enterprise Architecture

Title : Business Driven Enterprise Architecture

Title : Business Driven Enterprise Architecture Speaker : Ken Orr, Senior Consultant and Cutter Trends Fellow Chief Scientist, The Ken Orr Institute Cutter Consortium ACCESS TO THE EXPERTS Business Driven Enterprise Architecture 1. Background 2. Goals 3. Enterprise Architecture Goals 4. The Enterprise Architecture Project 5. Conclusion Cutter Consortium page 2 1. Background Customer Environment Current IT Environment Strategy for dealing with Current IT Environment Major Enterprise-level Activities Cutter Consortium page 3 Customer Environment Long Term Client Experienced Chief Architect Strong Support from CIO Deep Application Background Cutter Consortium page 4 Current IT Environment More complex systems (application) environment More complex technology More demands for information less funding for the short term Cutter Consortium page 5 Strategy for dealing with Current IT Environment Stretch resources Smaller projects Longer planning horizon Better understanding of the current environment

Cutter Consortium page 6 Major Enterprise-level Activities Understanding what we need Understanding how to deliver Strategic IT Planning Enterprise Information Management Cutter Consortium Understanding what we have Enterprise Architecture page 7 Systems Strategy Roadmap (to be) Project Recommendations Enterprise Architecture Portfolio Management Roadmap (as is) Incremental Projects Working Systems Cutter Consortium Strategic IT Plan Project Management

Real-time Support page 8 2. Enterprise Architecture Goals IT Asset Management The IT Network as an asset Priority Formula Enterprise Architecture Data, Applications, Processes, Technology Portfolio Management Manage Everything Manage Asset Base Help Make things go away Cutter Consortium page 9 Zachmans Framework DATA When MOTIVATION Why List of Business Goals/Strat Goal, Problem & Opportunity Modeler Event Modeler List of Events Significant to the Business Ends/Means=Major Bus. Goal/ Critical Success Factor e.g. Master Schedule e.g. Business Plan People = Organization Unit Work = Work Product e.g. Processing Structure End = Business Objective

Means = Business Strategy e.g., Business Rule Model Statechart & Operation Modeler Business Rule Modeler e.g. Human Interface Architecture Time = Business Event Cycle = Business Cycle Strategy Modeler Time = Major Business Event Workflow Modeler People = Major Organizations e.g. Work Flow Model End = Structural Assertion Means =Action Assertion e.g. Presentation Architecture e.g. Rule Design People = User Work = Screen Format e.g. Security Architecture e.g. Data Definition e.g. Program e.g. Network Architecture Ent = Field Reln = Address Proc.= Language Stmt I/O = Control Block Node = Addresses Link = Protocols People = Identity Work = Job e.g. DATA

e.g. FUNCTION e.g. NETW ORK e.g. ORGANIZATION Time = Execute Cycle = Component Cycle e.g. Timing Definition Time = Interrupt Cycle = Machine Cycle e.g. SCHEDULE End = Condition Means = Action e.g. Rule Specification End = Sub-condition Means = Step e.g. STRATEGY Business Rule Modeler Time = System Event Cycle = Processing Cycle e.g. Control Structure Operation Modeler People = Role Work = Deliverable Storyboard Modeler Node = Hardware/System Software Link = Line Specifications List of Organizations Important to the Business TIME Storyboard Modeler e.g. Technology Architecture Communication Modeler Proc.= Computer Function I/O = Data Elements/Sets

Node = I/S Function (Processor, Storage, etc) Link = Line Characteristics Who Communication Modeler e.g. System Design System & Sequence Modelers Class Modeler Ent = Segment/Table/etc. Reln = Pointer/Key/etc. Proc .= Application Function I/O = User Views Communication Modeler Ent = Data Entity Reln = Data Relationship PEOPLE Organization Modeler Communication Modeler e.g. Distributed System Architecture Activity Use Case Modeler e.g. Application Architecture Class Modeler Cutter Consortium Node = Major Business Location e.g. Business Logistics System e.g. Logical Data Model

Builder FUNCTIONING ENTERPRISE List of Locations in which the Business Operates Node = Business Location Link = Business Linkage TECHNOLOGY MODEL (PHYSICAL) SubContractor Where Proc. = Business Process I/O = Business Resources e.g. Physical Data Model DETAILED REPRESENTATIONS (OUT-OFCONTEXT) Process NETWORK Ent = Business Entity Reln = Business Relationship SYSTEM MODEL (LOGICAL) Designer Function = Class of Business Process e.g. Business Process Model Workflow & Use Case Modeler Owner Business Class Modeler ENTERPRISE

MODEL (CONCEPTUAL) e.g. Semantic Model How List of Processes the Business Performs Location Modeler ENTITY = Class of Business Thing FUNCTION Process Modeler Planner What Deliverable & SubType Modeler SCOPE (CONTEXTUAL) List of Things Important to the Business SCOPE (CONTEXTUAL) Planner ENTERPRISE MODEL (CONCEPTUAL) Owner SYSTEM MODEL (LOGICAL) Designer TECHNOLOGY MODEL (PHYSICAL) Builder DETAILED REPRESENTATIONS (OUT-OF CONTEXT)

SubContractor FUNCTIONING ENTERPRISE page 11 Benson and Parkers Square Wheel Cutter Consortium page 12 Benson and Parkers Square Wheel Cutter Consortium page 13 Benson and Parkers Square Wheel Cutter Consortium page 14 Porters Value Chain Firm infrastructure HR Management Supporting Activities R&D Service Marketing and Sales Outbound Logistics Operations Inbound Logistics Procurement Primary Activities Cutter Consortium page 15

Firm infrastructure Firm infrastructure HR Management HR Management HR Management Supplier Value Chain Cutter Consortium Enterprise Value Chain Marketing and Sales Outbound Logistics Operations Inbound Logistics Service Marketing and Sales Outbound Logistics Procurement Operations Procurement Inbound Logistics Procurement Service R&D Marketing and Sales

R&D Outbound Logistics R&D Customer Value Chain page 16 Service Firm infrastructure Operations Inbound Logistics Porters Supply Chain Information Technology Architecture n tio e ra tur bo uc lla str Co fra In Server Infrastructure re ce fa ter In y tu rit uc cu str Se fra In ic bl Pu Database Infrastructure Infrastructure

Technology Telecommunications Telecommunications Infrastructure Infrastructure Finance Management Business Support Application Areas HR Management IT Systems Management Real-time Operations Maintenance Construction Pre-Construction KDOT Users Planning Program/Project Management Core Business Application Areas Transportation Assets Internet/eGov email/Messaging/wireless IDE (CAD/CAE) GIS/GPS Document /Workflow Management Data Warehousing/Knowledge Management Telematics/ ITS Support eLearning/eMeeting Infrastructure Solutions (Building Blocks) Core (Commodity) Technology n ti o e

ra ur bo ct l a ru ol s t C fra In te In re ty tu ri uc cu str Se fra In ic bl Pu Database Infrastructure Server Infrastructure Infrastructure Technology ce r fa Telecommunications Telecommunications Infrastructure Infrastructure Core Business Processes (a la Porter) Business Support Application Areas Finance Management HR Management IT Systems Management Real-time Operations Maintenance Construction

Design KDOT Users Planning Project Management Core Business Application Areas Geometics/GIS Internet/eGov email/Messaging/wireless IDE (C AD/CAE) GIS /GPS Document /Workflow Management Data Warehousing/Knowledge Management Telematics/ ITS Support eLearning/eMeeting Infrastructure S olutions (Building Blocks) Emerging Technologies DOT Value Chain Fiscal Management HR Management IT and Support Service Management Program / Project Management Planning PreReal-time Construction Maintenance Construction Operations Aviation, Rail, Public Transit (Local Support) Transportation Assets Materials Research and Laboratory 4. The Enterprise Architecture Project Enterprise Architecture Goals Basic Methodology Build a composite map Identify problems areas Identify key initiatives / projects Build a logical plan for the future Cutter Consortium

page 20 Enterprise Architecture Goals Get a view of the entire enterprise Build a "current map" Better communicate with users / management Cutter Consortium page 21 Imagine, if all you had to do highway network planning was a map of just the cities! First, we had to find the main arteries Now, we have to task of filling the whole map Approach: create a composite map of the IT environment ts l Asse a t i p a C Employee Systems Long Range Planning Con s uma ble Construction Inve ntor y Enterprise Architecture Framework Business Area Architecture Sessions ...

KDOT 3yr IT Plan 1yr IT Budget BCS Management Sessions EA Bus Area Session Diagrams Enterprise Architecture Meta-data Repository KDOT 5-10 yr Tech Init Radar Charts KDOT 5-10 yr Bus Area Radar Charts BCS Systems Management Sessions BCS Technology Management Sessions Business Area Architecture Sessions (14 Session, 200+ Users) Cutter Consortium page 27 Architecture vs. Requirements (Some observations) Architecture Requirements Were not doing detail requirements Requirements Architecture Specific enough to build system Specific enough to make major

decisions Specific enough to identify major players, major interfaces Broad to include context of entire environment Technology Specific Technology Neutral Limited Technology Options Broadest Technology Options Cutter Consortium page 28 Basic Methodology Business Area Context Model Business Area Process Model Business Area Data Model Business Area Radar Charts (Wish lists) Cutter Consortium page 29 Define Context Model Cutter Consortium page 30 Define Business Process Model Cutter Consortium page 31 Define Data Model Cutter Consortium page 32 Build Radar Chart Models incoming issues 5-10 3-5 outgoing issues 0-3

0-3 3-5 5-10 BI/DW GIS/GPS Wireless x Server Workflow Mainframe Doc Mgmt Telematics Technology Radar Charts incoming issues 5-10 3-5 Early Majority Early Adopters Innovators outgoing issues 0-3 0-3 3-5 5-10 Late Majority Laggards Technology Introduction Strategy incoming issues 5-10 3-5 outgoing issues 0-3 0-3

3-5 5-10 Deploy Restrict Pilot Sunset Track Nolans Technology S-curves Internet PCs Minis Mainframes 50s Cutter Consortium 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s page 36 Maintenance reality Internet PCs Minis Old Technologies never seem to go away Mainframes 50s Cutter Consortium 60s 70s

80s 90s 00s page 37 5. Conclusion Where are we now? Where are we going? Cutter Consortium page 38 Where are we now? End of Phase 2 Using the Enterprise Architecture for Strategic IT Planning Using the Enterprise Architecture for Technology Planning Cutter Consortium page 39 Administrative Management Business Management Systems IT Management HR Management Financial Management Financial Assets Real-time Operations Maintenance Construction Pre-Construction Planning Program/Project Management Local Support Research and Laboratory Transportation Network Assets Transportation Management Systems

Adminstrative Management Public Information CRM Legislative Bill Tracking Application Monitoring IT Management Balanced Scorecard Backup/Recovery Management Policy Manual Strategic Management Client Management CoBIT Enterprise Architecture Management Library/Code Management Network Monitoriing Database Management IT Asset Financial Management License Management Portfolio Management Project Management Methodology

Storage Management Security Management System Monitoring Administrative Management Human Resources Management Employee Time KDOT Employee/ Position District Employee System Business Management Systems SHARP Skills Management System Learning Management System IT Management Finance Management Equipment Management Radio Financial Planning Pre-Construction Management RCB Sign Truss Design Shaft Long-range Transportation

Policy LPILE Priority Formula VIRTIS OPIS Microstation BRASS IT Assets Consumable Inventory Fuel Trac System SHARP* Program/Project Management Construction Management Surveying Photogrammetry Real-time Operations Maintenance Management ITS CMS Safety KANROAD BAMS ROW Relocation CMS Materials Inspection BROMS CAD GEOPAK MPO TIPS Materials CPMS-Project

Mgmt IDE Integrated Design Environment LEAP Storage Areas Program/Project Management CPMS-Program Mgmt Planning Program Development Model Asset Management Office Equip STARS Operations Automated Budget Grant Management Financial Assets Shop Equipment Public Involvement Data Financial Model Treasury Management Financial Management ProjectWise Real-time Operations Buildings CCFB Maintenance Cash Flow forecast Budget System

Federal Aid Billing CPMS Fund Management Construction Capital Inventory HR Management Program Planning Planning Cash Receipts General Ledger IFIS Pre-Construction Purchase Order/Payable Purchase Requisition RWIS CPMS Maintenance Activity management' Equipment Management System Shop Management System* HMMS SNICE EADCR ITS KARS Local Support Public Transit

Agreement Management Local Support Non-System Roadway Research and Laboratory Aviation NBIP Inspections Transportation Network Assets Rail assistance Research/Laboratory systems HPMS Long Term Pavement Perf LIMS CMS Materials Inspection* Highway Infrastructure Assets CANSYS2 Highway Features PONTIS- Structures ROW Tract Tracking Mapping /Cartography systems NBIP ROW Beautification Sign Inventory Crossing Inventory TRADAS Transportation Management Systems 511 ATIS Advanced Traveler

Info System Traffic Counts/ VCLS Features Inventory SHaRP Employee SHaRP Posit ion Adver t isement Applicat ions KDOT Employee Hist or y Special Leave and Tim e Det ails Business Funct ions Act ual Medical Act ual Dr ivers License Tr aining Requir ement s Cer t if icat ions Act ual Tr aining Tr aining Classes Tr aining Provider Non-KDO T Employee License Requir em ent s Business Part ner Sur vey Dat a Railr oad Companies Request f or Work Pr oject Specif icat ions Plans and Pr oposal Package

Medical Requir em ent s Employee Tim e Char ges Permit (s) A List User I D Posit ion Requir em ent s Skils Requir em ent s Right of Way Clear ance Railr oad Agreement Business Role Secur it y KDO T Posit ion Mechanic Right of Way Tr act s Ut ilt y Com panies Skils I nvent or y O rganizat ion Secur it y KDOT Posit ion Hist or y Pre-Construction Ut ilt y Agr eement Proposal O vert im e M edia Land O wner s/ Tenant s

Pur chase Agreement St r uct ur e I nspect ions Per f ormance I nf or mat ion Payroll Summar y Benef it s KDO T Em ployee Structure St ruct ur e Maint enance Recomm endat ions Paycheck EEO Cat egory KDOT Posit ion Classes Not ices Ut ilt y Adjust ment Plans B List St andards Specif icat ions Plan Sheet s KDOT Tr anspor t at ion Jurisdict ions C List Br idge Needs Plan I ndex Plan Set s Kansas G overnment al Jurisdict ions D List Kansas G overnm ent al Jur -Area G eo Ar eas

KDOT O rganizat ion St ruct ur e Funding Revenue For ecast Design St andar ds Bid(s) AS Built Plans Employee/ Organization E List - 307 Bid I t ems NBI P St r uct ure Ext ract Br ass St ruct ur e NBI P Local I nspect ion TRI S Per mit s Q uant it ies St r uct ur e Roadway det ail Alert Bullet in Sur f ace Readings Est im at e Real-Time Events Const ruct ion Work Ef f or t PO NTI S NBI P Local St ruct ur es St r uct ur e Ext er nal Users of I nf or mat ion Tr af f ic Forecast Cr ossing Det ails PSE - Plans,

Specif icat ions and Est im at es Funding Changes Def icient St r uct ur es Applicat ion f or G rant Br idge Pr oject Candidat e List Br idge O f f Syst em KDO T TI P O pen Recor ds Request CI I MS Crossing I nvent or y Weat her St at ions Sub-Cont ract or Cont r act (s) Cont r act Bids Sur f ace Sensor s Saf et y Program CCTV - I mages Project(s ) At mospheric Hist or ical Readings At mospher ic Readings Change O r der Roadway Condit ion Changes Cont r act Sect ion(s) Let t ing Project List

Accident Document Maintenance DBE Project G oal DBE Policy Project(s) Pr equalif ied Cont r act ors Cont r act Mat er ials Tr af f ic Cont r ol Act ions Per f orm ance Measurement Readings G PS Reading Tr af f ic Cont rol Assist ance Request I TS Message Devices Available Employees Emer gency Managem ent Pr oviders M aint enance Work Ef f ort Pr oject Act ivit y Pr oject Work Phase Pr oject Wor k Phase Funding Tr af f ic Speed Tr af f ic Volume I TS M essages Pay Est im at e Det ails

Cont r act Line I t ems 883 Document AADT Traf f ic Feat ures I nvent or y Used Roadway Condit ions Accident s Recor ded Accident s Recor ded Summ ar y Accident Dat a f or I TS Sensor Device Feat ur e Changes Pay Est im at e Financial Asset Tot al Change O r der Det ail Year 2 List wit h Alt ernat ives I TS Readings Cont r act Funding Cont r act Sect ion(s)* 2- 4 yr Pavement Candidat es Sur f ace Forecast Surf ace Hist or ical Readings Tr af f ic I ncident I T Work Ef f or t s Pr oject Changes

Pavement Sect ion Pr oject Fund Project Agreement ( PA) St at e Highway Segm ent s Q ualit y/ Q uant it y St andards Cont r act or( s) Cit y/ St at e Agr eement Request f or Cont r act or Q ualif icat ion Paper M at erial Cer t if icat ion Accom plishment s M aint enance Task St andards Available Equipm ent Cr ew Year 2 List wit h Scope Pavement Evaluat ion Schedule Changes St at e Pr oject Candidat e List For ecast ed Tr af f ic M aint enance Sect ion Maint Cost Task I D I TS Project

Applicat ions Locat ion (G eospat ial) Cr ew O bser vat ions Pr oject Est im at e Roadway Non-Road Feat ures St at e Sect ion Pr oject Candidat e List Cor ridor Test Result s Act ivit y Number Est im at e Changes Roadway I nf ormat ion Request f or I nspect ion Test Report Pr oducer Pr oduct Job I D Pr oducer M aint enance Sect ion Work Schedule Planned Resource Usage KDOT O rganizat ion Locat ion Planned Work

Vehicle Class Tr af f ic Dat a Permit Type Q A Report Video Log I TS Traf f ic Flow Dat a Video Log I mages Consult ant (s) 402 Request s Weat her I ndex Non-St at e Syst em Roadway I nspect or M at er ial Requisit ion Radar Sat ellit e I mages I TS I ncident s Tr af f ic Flow Summar ies 402 Project Candidat e List Saf et y St udies Mat erial Tr ansf er Tr af f ic Count er Type Equipment Time Equipm ent Cat egory Ut ilt y Cust omer License Tag

Ret ir ement Request Encumbr ance Signs Segment Equipm ent Rat e Equipment I D Tit le Location (geospacial) Vehicle Classif icat ion Cat egories Seasonal and Axle Fact or s Shop Per mit (s) * Job Pr ior it y Weat her Forecast s Tr af f ic Count er Vehicle Classif icat ion Count s Mat erials Contract(s) Const ruct ion Engineer Base Map Tr af f ic Count s Replacement Cr it er ia Spec Sheet

Pavement Sect ion Evaluat ions Non-St at e Syst em Roadway G roup Regional I TS Model Raw Traf f ic Count s Equipment Tim e Charges Warr ant y Equipment Fuel Key O t her Dir ect Expenses St rat egies Pr ogr am G oals Depreciat ion Schedule Highway Asset O bject ives Equipment Model Equipm ent I nspect ion Equipm ent Par t Xr ef Equipment Dat a Sheet Equipm ent Evaluat ion Capit al Asset I t em Financial Transact ions Repair Request St at e Agency Equipment Fuel

Usage Charges Equipm ent Budget Plan O EM - O riginal Equipm ent Manuf act ur er Pr ior Approval Equipment Budget Request O ut put Measures Request f or Pr oject Count y Maint enance Agreement s KDOT Fund Locat ion f or Work Count y Land Use Dat a DA Account DA Pr ogr am DA Subpr ogr am O ut come M easur es Count ies Check Equipment Management Fiscal Year Cash Agency Fund Transf ers Financial

O bject Codes Deposit Receipt Document Appropriat ion Count y 5 Year Pr oject Plan 5 Year Plan Request Kansas Employment Dat a Appropr iat ion Adjust ment s MPO O rganizat ions Demographic Dat a FHWA Highway Funct ional Classif icat ion Pr oject Charges Design Plans Agency Budget I t em 5 Year Plan Approved O pinion Surveys Budget (s) Met r o Areas Voucher Det ail Warr ant s St at e Rout e Classif icat ion Payroll O DS - O rigin Dest inat ion St udies

Voucher Approved Cit y/ Count y Pr oject List MPO Tr af f ic Demand Model Account s Payable Cit y 5 Year Pr oject Plan Cash Flow Forecast Payout Cash Flow Forecast Agency Submit t ed Budget I t em VES Mast er Budget Adjust ment s VES Det ail Tr ansact ion Code M PO Plan G rant s Met r o Ar ea M aps Request f or Cit y/ Count y Pr oject s I nvoice Tr ansit Aut hor it ies Sm all Urban Account s Receivable Agency Submit t ed Appropriat ion I t em G r ant ees

Cit y Land Use Dat a Cit y/ Count y Funding Lim it s I ssue Paper s I nvest ment s Access Per mit s I nvest ment Request Cit ies Revenue I t em I T Budget I ssues Revenue Sour ce Sell Request Loans KLI NK Payment s Payment Schedule KLI NK Agr eement s Bond Holder s Fund Source Pr oject O bligat ion Cit y/ Ur ban Classif icat ion Revenue Type Bond I ssue Bonds G r ant s G iven Ut ilt y Clearance Cert if icat ion G r ant s Applied f or Financial Audit Debt Ser vice Schedule

KDO T Budget Right of Way Clearance Cert if icat ion Consult ant Audit or Sign O rder Paramet er s I nvent or y Tr ansf er Annex Changes Cit y Maps Repair Work O r der Agency Appropriat ion I t em Count y Maps MPO Funding Lim it s MPO TI P Equipment Par t s Purchase O rder Local Support St ock Mast er Hist or y St ock I t em Rest Areas St orage Ar eas I T Budget Land St ock Tr ansact ions St ock Hist ory Event s Available Funding

Local Par t ner Pr oject Applicat ions TE Pr oject Applicat ions Local Par t ner s Select ed A B List Project s Air por t Project Candidat e List Rail I mpr ovement Pr oject List Rail Cr ossing Candidat e List Rail Cr ossing I nf or mat ion - Dat a on Every Rail Cr ossing f or t he Ent ir e St at e. Feder al Sour ce Rail I nf or mat ion Feder al O bligat ions Feder al Fund Cat egory Feder al Reimbursement TE Pr oject List Air por t Aut hor it ies Tower s Buildings St at e Purchase Cont r act O f f ice Equipment O bligat ion Aut horit y Balances Pr ogr am

Air por t s St ock I t em/ Locat ion Pr ogr am Financial Repor t Railr oad Lines Agreement s Feder al Claim s Feder al Appropr iat ion Planning/Program LRTP Recomm endat ions Vendor Source Builder Shop Equipment KHP O f f icer Vendor s Radio Subpr ogr am At t achment s Lab Equipment Capital/ Consumable KDO T Account s Daily Cash For ecast Administrative Management IT Management Organization Structure Employees Human Resource Management Financial Trans Vendors

Equipment Financial Management Capital/ Consumables Financial Assets Program/Project/Contract Management Projects Programs Transportation Planning Locations Contracts PreConstruction Design, RoW, Survey Construction Material Test Maintenance Real-time Operations Real-time Events, Maintenance Road Conditions, Weather Cities Local Support Grants, etc. Counties Local Support Tests Accidents Research and Laboratories Structures Segments Maps

Safety Transportation Infrastructure Assets Material 883 Form Workflow (all projects) Public Information Database CPMS Long-term Application Plan What have we Learned? We have more of everything than we thought More players than we thought People are doing things we dont know much about People want better access to data we already have Nothing ever goes away by itself Cutter Consortium page 46 Where are we going? Connecting the Enterprise Architecture to the Operational Documentation and Meta-data Portfolio management IT Asset Management Cutter Consortium page 47 Using the Enterprise Architecture Business Process Models Systems Architecture Business Reengineering Data Models Business Intelligence Radar Chart Models Portfolio Management

Implementation Enterprise Architecture Context Models Acknowledgements Bill Roth, KDOT Ben Nelson, KDOT Kelly Badenoch, KDOT Randy Hester, KOI all the people from KDOT who participated in the Business Area Architecture sessions Doug Couto,MDIT, formerly MDOT Cutter Consortium page 49

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