Thurgood Marshall - Henry County School District

Thurgood Marshall - Henry County School District

Thurgood Marshall Childhood Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1908. His father taught him many valuable lessons. He taught him how to debate. He taught him that education was important. He taught him how to be proud of his African American culture. He taught him how to be respectful to others and himself. Thurgood Marshall learned that it is important to protect and value what you and others think and say.

This is called freedom of conscience and expression. Childhood Cont. Marshall went to college at Lincoln University in Oxford, Pennsylvania. It was the first university for African American students. Marshall studied to be a lawyer. There were very few African American lawyers. Finding a Purpose Marshall was young when segregation was a problem.

Segregation is a system of keeping some people separate from others. Segregation affected Marshall's life. Public Places Restaurants, Schools, and Hotels Sports Teams Finding a Purpose Cont.

After not being allowed to sit on the main floor at the movies Thurgood Marshall began to be interested in justice. Justice is fair and equal treatment under a system of laws. Thurgood was determined to get justice for African Americans. Finding a Purpose Cont. 1930 Marshall graduated from college. Marshall went to Howard University Law School in Washington, D.C.

Marshall traveled from Baltimore, to Washington, D.C. to get an education. Marshall became friends with Charles Hamilton Houston. They eventually became law partners. Charles was the head of the law school at Howard University. He saw that Marshall was very smart and hard working. Finding a Purpose Cont. Houston and Marshall brainstormed ways to protect civil rights. Civil rights is the basic freedoms

that all citizens deserve to have because they are citizens. The constitution protects the rights of American citizens, but not for African Americans at this time. Houston and Marshall wanted to change this. Houston and Marshall wanted to go to the Supreme court. Civil Rights In 1934 Marshall went to work as a lawyer for the

NAACP. NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. In 1935 Marshall and Houston agreed to help Donald Murray take the University of Maryland Law School. Marshall wanted to go to this law school but, they would not

let him in because he was black. Civil Rights The supreme court agreed with Houston and Marshall that Maryland did not have equal law schools for African Americans. They ordered the University of Maryland to let African Americans study there. In 1938 the NAACP made Marshall a chief lawyer.

Ending School Segregation The NAACP agreed to help the Brown family take on the school board of Topeka, Kansas. The school closest to the Browns house would not let African American children attend. The case became known as Brown versus the Board of Education. Marshall took the cases to the Supreme Court. He argued that separate schools were

not equal. In order for them to be treated equal, they had to be able to go to the same schools. Ending School Segregation Cont. 1954: All 9 judges on the Supreme Court agreed with Marshall and the Browns. They decided that school segregation had to end. From that point on it was

against the law to stop children from going to any public schools because they were African American. Ending School Segregation Cont. This ruling only ended segregation in schools. Marshall continued to fight for civil rights. Martin Luther King Jr. did too. Martin Luther King Jr. made powerful speeches, took part in marches, and boycotts to show his support.

Refusing to buy, sell, or use certain goods or services as a way to protest something. Marshal continued to fight against segregation. He won many cases that ended segregation in many places. A Supreme Court Judge 1967: President Lyndon B. Johnson chose Marshall to serve as a judge on the United States Supreme Court. He became the first African American judge on the United States Supreme

Court. He served on the Supreme Court for 24 years. Marshall received many awards for his great work. He has a statue in Baltimore. He is also on a stamp. Websites 41# ! thurgood_marshall.php thurgood_marshall.php d-mobs-school-stillteaches Videos Go82g&feature= share

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