Thinking About the Field: Traditions and Contexts

Thinking About the Field: Traditions and Contexts

Ch. 2 - Thinking About the Field: Traditions and Contexts Part One: Setting the Stage Seven traditions in the communication field p.27 Rhetorical

Semiotic Phenomenological Cybernetic

Socio-psychological Socio-cultural

Critical Rhetorical How public speaking functions in our society Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country

I have a dream Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. bpBk6A Yes we can 1kMBwms

(10:00) Semiotic Signs of the times How words and actions change over time Colored people (1907- NAACP) Negroes (1944 - Negro College Fund)

Blacks (1967 - Black Panthers) African-Americans (1987 I Can) 1960s Retards / cripples 1970s Mentally-handicapped / physicallyhandicapped 1980s

Mentally-challenged / physicallychallenged 1990s Mentally-disabled / physically-disabled 2000s Person with mental disabilities / person with physical disabilities 2010s Person with disabilities

Person with special needs Phenomenological Personal interpretation of everyday life and activities Philosophical My personal philosophy is

Cybernetic How noise interferes with communication Semantic I dont know what that word means. Physical Its too hot in here Psychological I dont listen to people like you Physiological Im hard of hearing

Socio-psychological What variables influence our individual behaviors How much of you is you, and how much of you is just like someone else?

Socio-cultural How pre-existing cultural patterns and social structure influence our interactions How much of you is because of how/where you were raised and who/what you were exposed to?

Critical Questioning values and beliefs that dominate societies What do you really know about world politics, world economics, and world religions? How do you define freedom, injustice, power, equality, etc.?

Activities Workbook: Seven Traditions Seven contexts in the communication field p.32 Intrapersonal

Interpersonal Small Group Organizational

Public Mass media Cultural

Intrapersonal - oneself Ch.4 - Symbolic Interaction Theory Ch.5 Coordinated Management of Meaning Ch.6 - Cognitive Dissonance Theory Ch.7 Expectancy Violations Theory Interpersonal face-to-face Ch. 8 Uncertainty Reduction Theory Ch.9 Social Exchange Theory Ch.10 - Social Penetration Theory

Ch.11 - Relational Dialectics Theory Ch.12 Communication Privacy Management Theory Ch.13 Social Information Processing Theory Small group - group of people Ch.14 Groupthink Organizational - large and extended environments Ch.15 Structuration Theory

Ch.16 Organizational Culture Theory Ch.17 Organizational Information Theory Public - large group of listeners Ch.18 The Rhetoric (classical) Ch.19 Dramatism (contemporary) Ch.20 The Narrative Paradigm Mass media - larger audience through

mediated forms Ch.21 Agenda Setting Theory Ch.22 Spiral of Silence Theory Ch.23 Uses and Gratification Theory Ch.24 Cultivation Theory Ch.25 Cultural Studies Ch.26 Media Ecology Theory Cultural - different cultures Ch.27 Face-negotiation Theory Ch.28 Communication

Accommodation Theory Ch.29- Muted Group Theory Ch.30 - Feminist Standpoint Theory Activities Workbook: Seven Contexts

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