ThemeGallery PowerTemplate - Ctrip

ThemeGallery PowerTemplate - Ctrip

Ctrip Extranet Instruction Content 1 Extranet Instruction General Information Extranet Characteristic Extranet Functionality 2 2 Q&A General Information Ctrip Extranet (e-booking system) has been designed and created by

Ctrip. It is capable to use for receptionist, business center, reservation and sales department. Extranet supports 4 languages: Chinese, English, Japanese an Korean. User in mainland China is able to access extranet on cell phone. Extranet functionality: Booking Process, Room Rate Update, Inventory Update, Guests Reviews, Commission, Hotel Information Other Tool: Cooperation Situation, Note, Statistic, User Setting. Extranet address: Or IP or 3 Extranet Characteristic Easy Conven ience 1 Free to use, Easy to log in thru

web 2 Auto notice once new booking coming, reminder either Sound or Note 4 Real Time 1 Process booking in Extranet to speed up booking procedure 2 Update room rate and room availability on real time

Benefits 1 Less Financial Costs 2 Less Labor Costs 3 More effectiveness Extranet Functionality BOOKING COOPERATION HOTEL INFO INVENTORY Functionality

COMMENTS COMMISSION AUDIT 5 RATE Extranet Functionality BOOKING Click accept or refuse to process bookings

6 INVENT ORY Update inventory on real time RATE Update rate on real time COMM ENTS Easily go

thru reviews from Ctrip members Extranet Functionality 7 AUDIT COMMIS SION Hotelier is able to check if guests no show thru extranet

Hotelier is able to check commission of each booking thru extranet COOPE RATION Hotelier is able to view latest statistics of room nights, average room rate and other data thru extranet

HOTEL INFO Hotelier is able to update hotel information and upload any event information Q&A 8 1 Unable to log in Ctrip extranet 2

Require logging in again when click any functionality after logging in. 3 Lost Log-in ID Unable to log in Ctrip extranet Q1 Unable to log in Ctrip extranet A Address of Ctrip extranet is: or, there is no www in front of the link. Q2 Unable to log in as well even through favorites links A Delete the extranet address in the favorites, and key in directly which is supposed to be working. Steps of Delete: click favorites- click organize favorites- choose web address- click delete 9

Require logging in again when click any functionality after logging in. Q1: Require logging in again when click any functionality after logging in. A: This is due to the limitation of authority in your internet browser, please add our extranet IP address into approved list. Steps: Click the Tools >Internet options >Content >Enable >Input the IP address in approved Sites >Always >OK Please contact your IT team if it isnt working at all. 10 Lost Log-in ID Q1 Group Code Hotel Code Forget your Pass A Contact Ctrip for Help Land Line: 021-34064880 ext 83579 87483 82753 or 83578

Email ebooking Q2 Forget your Password A Input either group code or hotel code, Key in user name, verify code and click forget your password, an email or text will be sent you later. Please contact Ctrip if you have not receive any email or text since you click forget your password. 11 Thank You

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