The Very Brief Guide to Research Design - CLAS Users

The Very Brief Guide to Research Design - CLAS Users

The Very Brief Guide to Research Design Options for Writing in Psychology What is a case study? Purpose usually pedagogical -- provides a detailed account of a person or small group to exemplify a disorder, condition, or intervention Method observation, may include interview, considered a form of qualitative research Paper Structure brief introduction, patient background, condition/disorder/intervention, analysis, conclusion

The Case Study Typical illustrates the norm of situation Examine whole situation PTSD patient going through PE therapy Specific trait/aspect of situation The use of pleasant stimuli to re-associate memories Exceptional illustrates a non-typical example Examine the whole situation

PTSD complicated by substance abuse and depression Specific trait/aspect of situation PTSD patient exhibiting hyper-vigilance that requires adjustment to therapeutic strategy Two Types of Case Studies What is survey research? Purpose to assess beliefs, attitudes, perceptions about a topic Method distribution of same instrument to many people usually requires statistical analysis

Paper Format classic IMRD Survey Research Pilot Study Research to determine whether an idea is feasible Will participants react favorably to private mental health screenings? Validation Study Research to determine whether qualitative findings can generalize

Are the literacy habits of individual health care providers similar to the group as a whole? Extension Study Research to determine if results from previous research are found in a different population Research demonstrates that images of $$ make middle-aged people feel unhappy will same be true of college students? Types of Survey Research What is quasi/non-experimental research?

Study in which there is little to no control over groups (no randomization, no control group, though there may be variables (e.g., gender) Purpose to discover information within a specific population Paper Format classic IMRD Quasi/Non Experimental Study Task

specific design - participants do something or respond to something often through re-direction RQ: What kinds of images best prompt people to make junk food purchases? participants see pictures of healthy people, happy people, cute animals, expensive objects, families, desserts Participants look at different kinds of pictures, answer dummy questions, then answer actual experimental question/s Must be very well-controlled instrument Quasi/Non-Experiments

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