The University of Worcester welcomes - CVU

The University of Worcester welcomes - CVU

Welcome to the University of Worcester FdA Conference http:// What is the conference about? The theme of the conference is Listening to parents and children When? Saturday 27th February 2016 Where? marlijnenoordink.blogspot.c

om At the University of Worcester Starting in the lecture theatre EEG089 There will be direction boards pointing you in the right direction Timetable Length of Day The day starts with registration between 9.00 9.15 And ends at 2.45 Your tutors will provide you with a copy of the timetable experience frequent home moves, such as those from military families Just a quick

taste - DRAFT Open Conference Janet Harvell m-9.30am m 10.30am 0am -11.50am ssion Space 0pm-1.30pm ssion Space pm-2.30pm Keynote 1: All Year Groups Mary Nolan Room EE G089 Title: Parent Education and Changing Childrens Lives Year 1 (129 students) FdEY 1501

Room EE1106 Cotswold A: Chair Annie Pendrey Learning Outcomes: All ----------------------------------------------------FdEY 1502 Room EE1106 Cotswold A: Chair: Dawn Rutherford - Learning Outcomes: All -------------------------------------------------------FdEY 1503 Room: EE1107 Cotswold B Chair: Gurjit Bhatoy Learning Outcomes: All Year 1 The Worcester Award Enhancing your degree Room: Rose Watson ____ FdEY 1504 Room: EE1107 Cotswold B Chair: Gemma Ray - Learning Outcomes: All

10.30am 10.50am Coffee Break Year 2 (112 students) FdEY 2402 Room EE 1057: Chair: Mandy McCully Learning Outcomes: All ___________________________ FdEY 2502 Room EEG 162: Chair: Samantha Sutton -Tsang Learning Outcomes: All (Year 2 & Year 3) --------------------------------------------FdEY 2501 Room: XXXXXX Chair: Michelle Rogers Learning Outcomes: All 11.50am-12.30pm Lunch Year 2 PT x 1 session Making a Difference 12.30 12.55 Room EEG 087:Chair: Rosie Walker + What Next?: BA (Hons) IWCF

Room EEG 08713.00 13.25 Presenter: Angela Hodgkins Year 3 (80 students) Parent Education and Changing Childrens Lives Room EEG 089:Discussion Space: Mary Nolan ----FdA 2407/8 Independent Studies: Putti ng it Together Room xxxxxx: Chair: Mike Reed Year 3 (& Year 2 FT) x 1 session What Next?: BA (Hons) IWCF Room EEG 08912.30 12.55 Presenter: Angela Hodgkins + Making a Difference

13.00 13.30Room EEG 089: Chair: Rosie Walker Keynote 2: All Year Groups Georgina Shaw/Lovett Room EE G089 Title: Listening to the voices of children and families (The value of childrens lived experiences ) Conference Attendance Certificates will be available at the end of the Conference EXCELLENT evidence for employers, Appraisals, OFSTED, evidence of additional, ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Displays Display tables will provide information related to Careers (Interview Skills and CVs) and Study Skills a selection of leaflets will be available to pick up at the end of the conference (together with attendance certificates) Worcester Award There is also an opportunity to find

out about the Worcester Award and how this can enhance your degree and employability and it is free The afternoon will involve an opportunity to feedback on the programme, gain information on the Top-Up programme and learn about the Worcester Award which can be achieved alongside your degree Why do we hold the conference? Many reasons including .. The opportunity to listen to other professionals sharing their research and practices with you.

The opportunity to meet other students studying on the FdA from a range of institutes and expand your community of practice. Understanding Application Ability to demonstrate Types of learning Reflects Learning through the programme

Provided with a structure Guided and supported to explore Active Participation Self-organised learning Self-organised Learner Learning through practice Knowledge for learning the value of collaboration

Testing out in practice Professional learning in practice Reflection on own learning Reflection on effect of the process, personally and professionally Learning through the focus of modules Understanding and developing the scope of the module

Considering the scope and range with others in, practice Developing professional capability Forming ideas and reflecting on what has been found Reflecting on wider effects of the process: on children and families Transferable learning

skills Clarifying, and sourcing information and planning Information drawn together and shared with others. Reflection on personal professional development. Progression to further learning opportunities. Learning about quality practice

Recognises features of quality practice and potential for shaping change Explores opportunities and constraints with others of regulation and policy Identifies influence of structural and process features Perceives interrelationship between structural and process features

Reflection on practice and shaping/refining practice Personal and professional reflection Explores ethicality, own and professional values Able to see issues through the eyes of others Questions what goes on seeing things differently Ask questions. Considers the influence of self on

practice. Ask questions wider than the here and now Professional skills Learner, planner, thinker, sharer Communicator and listener and sharer Collaborator and reflective investigator and sharer Student

Negotiating and operating in the company of others. Evaluating reflecting organising and analysing material. Reflective practitioner Leader, Shaper, evaluator and sharer Who is attending/Who should attend? It is a requirement that all students studying on the FdA attend the conference this replaces a Face2Face session the following week

Key notes Mary Nolan Georgina Lovett Making the case for parent education followed by a workshop where students can experience some activities that might be useful in group sessions for mothers and fathers-to-be. Listening to the childs voice - Supporting educational transitions: Exploring the specific needs of service

children and their families. How does the conference contribute towards the FdA? The key notes speeches will support greater understanding with links to many of your modules whilst the workshops encourage you to explore the modules you are currently studying making links and the opportunity to ask and answer questions. It is also an excellent opportunity for ongoing Professional Development. Travelling and parking Please allow sufficient time to get to the university, sign in, sign up and get to the keynote speech on time! Parking you will need to pay and display a parking ticket.

There are several car parks please see map of the university http:// 2010.jpg Accessibility and catering The Main Restaurant AND the Elgar caf will be open for hot and cold snacks and drinks You can also bring packed lunches and there are vending machines available in the restaurant area. Telephone numbers and addresses For sat navs:

St John's Campus, Henwick Rd, Worcester WR2 6AJ Telephone: 01905 855141 Look out for the newsletter . Please send any contributions for interesting sites, events to your tutor or direct to Janet at [email protected] Goodies at the end of the day . There will be a selection of Study Skills leaflets available at the end of the day, and an Attendance Certificate Please complete the

evaluation and hand this in on the day We look forward to seeing you and welcoming back to YOUR university External Examiner Report Attending this event, I was able to take part in some student workshops and listen to keynote speeches. Most of all though I was privileged to be part of a group of participants, over 100, who had come together for that day as a learning community With disparate partner organisations, the Worcester FdA has some special challenges and, as an EE, I have been increasingly aware of these and, more importantly, the positive response of the staff team and leadership to some of the more knotty protagonists. Perhaps one of the biggest ones is that of participant identity, going as far as possible towards enabling all students to feel part of the Worcester FdA village even though they hardly ever visit it The conference, as I experienced, serves to enable sharing and learning; but more so it gives the opportunity for

people to see their peers, to briefly chat about common ailments as well as benefitsbut to take away a picture and a personal notion about what things are like together and where a future may lie. I think talking to others makes me aware that I am on the same page It is great to be part of such a large student body and exchange ideas.

It has given me topics to talk about in summative assignment Good to meet students from other colleges Keynote speakers amazingly informative I now know

what to do for assignments

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