The Thesis Statement

The Thesis Statement

The Concluding Paragraph Leave your reader with something to think about The Intro vs. Conclusion Introductory Paragraph Concluding Paragraph Hook

Thesis Transition Summary Thesis Clincher

The Concluding Paragraph is the last paragraph in your essay restates your thesis in a new way summarizes what you proved in your body paragraphs. ends with a clincher that gives your reader something to think about. A Concluding Paragraph has

a thesis restatement a summary a clincher Restate Thesis Statement Rework your thesis statement in a new way. Avoid repeating key words and phrases from the thesis statement because you don't want the restatement to sound

boring or repetitive. Summarize Body Paragraphs Go over what each body paragraph proved about your thesis. Mention each of the reasons in your plan. Leave Reader with a Clincher The clincher, also referred to as the closer,

is your last opportunity to connect with the reader. One way to make the most of this moment is to return to the hook you used at the beginning of the essay. (1) Smoke pours out from the third story window as people try to find water hoses. (2) Neighbors hold the owners of the house back; their little girl was sleeping in that room! (3) Just then the front door opens,

flames visible behind, and a firefighter carries the little girl out, coughing but safe and sound. (4) A hero saves the day again. (5) Heroes are people who put their lives on the line to protect us; moreover, heroes act decisively even in high pressure situations. (6) In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus is an example of a hero just like this. (7) Odysseus is a hero because he is calm under pressure and he risks his life to protect his friends.

(1) Because he risks his life for others and is calm under pressure, Odysseus is clearly a hero. (2) Again and again, in The Odyssey Odysseus resists panicking while encountering monsters and natural disasters. (3) And again and again, Odysseus stand up for his friends, saving them from danger and from themselves. (4) He is much like the a courageous firefighter who saves the day, making a decision to risk his life entering a

burning building and remaining composed in the face of danger a hero.

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