The Phases of Answering Divergent Text and Chat Platforms

The Phases of Answering Divergent Text and Chat Platforms

The Phases of Answering Divergent Text and Chat Platforms Tiffany Hernandez Switchboard of Miami Notification Please fill out workshop evaluations and sign in for CEUs. Mini-Bio

Part of Switchboard Family since 2013. I&R Specialist (2013-2015) AAS and AIRS certification Chat and Text Services Quality Assurance Program Coordinator Audience Do you have any experience with Text/Chat Platforms?

Are you planning to incorporate Text/Chat Platforms, or have you already done so? How are you enjoying St. Louis and the I want to Conference? know more about you. Overview History, Statistics, and Trends with Texting Create a timeline

Brainstorm ideas to help improve chat and text services. Identify achievements and hardships with implementing text and chat platforms into a contact center. Devise a scheduling system Mistakes Texting/SMS

On December 3, 1992, Neil Papworth first text message said? (Pew Global Attitudes Project, 2011) Global Texting Phenomenon 21 Countries Sample Size 750 4000 people per country

(Anderson, 2015) Cellphone Ownership 92% of American adults own a cellphone. (Duggan, 2013)

Texting in the U.S (Hyman, 2014) Gender and Age Differences The cell phone has morphed from a luxury into an appendage. Online Survey 662 participants (18-68)

Number of Daily Texts/Calls 94% participants made/received less than 10 calls a day All populations text (Avg. 0-30 texts a day) Mostly Younger Adults. Cell Phone Etiquette Texting Most appropriate form to communicate in social situations. (Except when driving) Relationships Romantic Partners Prefer to Call then Text Break-Ups Younger Age Groups

Text vs. Phone Similarities Information and Referral Counseling Suicide Prevention Differences Emotions Vocal Cues Acronyms

Hold Time Multi-task 2013-2014 How? Specialty Lines What is realistic? Staff: 25-30 counselors How many?. Pilot Study vs. Train Everyone Time Frame: Certain Window vs. 24/7 Coverage Languages Miami Culture

Research Platforms Marketing Specialty Phone Lines

Switchboard of Miami Helpline 2-1-1 Miami Dade 2-1-1 Collier County 2-1-1 Monroe County Disaster Distress Helpline Veterans Crisis Line Lifeline

LGBTQ Helpline Operation Helping Hands Seniors Never Alone Program State Attorneys Human Trafficking Line Cyber Civil Rights Initiative Help Me Grow South Florida First Responder Helpline

PrEP Helpline Supportive Services for Veterans and Families Douglas Gardens Crisis Cope Hotline Languages Call Volume 4.00% 36.00%

60.00% English Spanish Creole Time Frame Fear of Marketing Too high of a demand Text volume

Marketing 2015-2016 April/May 2014 - 211 Chat One platform 211 Chat Pilot Study Few Counselors Time Frame: 2PM-10PM/7days a week Efficiency/Lower Handle Time Clients Response Time Handle Time of Chats vs. Calls in Queue

Demographics Typing Information Summer 2014 Canned Responses Minimizes Handle Time Ability to Multitask Examples: Hello, (chatter name). Thank you for contacting Switchboard of Miami. My name is (counselor name). How may I help you today?

I havent heard from you in a little while. If you respond soon, I will be happy to continue talking with you. Summer 2014 Pre-Chat Survey Client can answer demographics beforehand. Name, age, gender, race, ethnicity, veteran, insurance, need, privacy agreement Minimizes Handle Time Identify Clients Need/Feelings Explore Referral Options

211 Text/Disaster Distress Helpline Balancing Act Additional Staff Pilot Study vs. Train everyone Time Frame: Certain Window vs. 24/7 coverage Languages Research Platforms

Disaster Distress Helpline Nationwide Call Types Natural Disasters Man-made Disasters Helpline Text Services English and Spanish October/December 2014

October Testing Phase 211 Text Training More counselors Multi-task 24/7 Coverage Languages Officially started in December Timeline 2014

October May April Testing Phase 2-1-1 Launched 2-1-1 Chat

Testing Phase 2-11 Text Decembe r Launched 2-1-1 Text DDH texts

Achievements, Challenges, and Lessons January 2015 He llo ?!? ? Challenge #1

Too many platforms 211 Text Calls DDH Texts 2-1-1 Chat

February 2015 Achievement #1- Divide and Conquer I&R Specialists 2-1-1 Text/ 2-1-1 Chat Chat/Text Specialists DDH Texts Feb. June

2015 Challenge #2 - Lack of Confidence Something New Speaking vs. Writing More Experienced Counselors Missed/Unanswered Texts

Longer Response Times What if July 2015 Achievement #2 -Collaborative Effort Reassurance Additional Training

Raising Awareness Opportunity for Growth Increase Level of Skills Leadership Ensuring Coverage Team Work Unheard Voice Emotional Distress Need of Assistance

Human Being on the other side Difficulty identifying emotions via platforms Slow/Fast Texters July 2015 January 2016 Challenge # 3-Internal Changes and Re-Integration Last 6 months of 2015 Staff Changes Program Changes

I&R Specialists and Chat Specialists 2-1-1 Chat, 2-1-1 Text, and DDH Texts Nov. Dec. 2015 Achievements #3 - Back to Basics Prior Experience Training Usernames Accountability

Quality Assurance Group Email Alerts Challenge #4 - Scheduling Informal scheduling Assistant Managers/Lead on Shift Different Schedules Lunch and Breaks Extraneous Factors

Busy Call Queue, Meetings, Consult, Dispatching, etc. July 2015 Present Achievement #4 -Scheduling Assistant Managers and Scheduler Ensure 24/7 Coverage Sign In Sheet Binder Divide Platform Coverage and Ensure Rotations Two counselors on 2-1-1 Chat and Text

Two counselors on DDH Texts Schedule Adjustments Call Out, Other Tasks, Meetings, Breaks, and Holidays Monitoring Texts/Chats are Answered Promptly Ensuring High Level of Quality User Friendly Instructions Documentation Individual Meetings

Highlighting Strengths Areas of Improvement Fine Tuning Identify new trends Adjusting Schedules Continuous Monitoring Re-Train Areas of Improvement Marketing

Primary Funder Public Transit Community Initiatives ICount Email Blasts 211 Text Volume

Achievements and Hardships Integration Canned Responses Pre-Chat Survey Training Multiple Staff Scheduling Balancing Different

Platforms Lack of Confidence Staff Changes Adherence Lessons Lesson 1: It is okay to make mistakes. It is more important to learn from your mistakes. Lesson 2: Do not overload staff. Lesson 3: Check in with staff and address

any issues of uncertainty. Lesson 4: Learn to adapt. Lesson 5: Organization is your friend. Lesson 6: Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity. Future Goals Marketing Increase text platform usage

I&R specialists improve their skills Master the Art of Incorporating Text/Chat Platforms References Anderson, M. (2015, October 29). In Technology Device Ownership: 2015. Retrieved

from Duggan, M. (2013, September 19). In Cell Phone Activities 2013. Retrieved from Hyman, I., Forgays, D. K., & Schreiber, J. (2014, February). Texting everywhere for everything: Gender and age differences in cell phone etiquette and use [Electronic version]. Computers in Human Behavior, 31, 314-321. Retrieved from Pew Global Attitudes Project. (2011, December 20). In Global Digital Communication:

Texting, Social Networking Popular Worldwide. Retrieved from

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