The Lady or the Tiger - Methacton School District

The Lady or the Tiger - Methacton School District

The Lady or the Tiger By Frank R. Stockton Frank R. Stockton is the author of the short story, The Lady or the Tiger.

Frank R. Stockton 1. Noun author of the story. Published in 1882. Mainly wrote stories for children . This is not a true story. It is a work of fiction

Irony Identify types of irony by giving examples from The Most Dangerous Game, Be able to identify and record examples from the Story, The Lady

or the Tiger after reading. Irony Isnt it ironic? Dont you think? Its like a free ride when you already paid (Alanis Moresett).

Irony 3. A contrast or an incongruity (clash) between what is stated and what is meant (verbal), or between what is expected to happen and what

actually does happen (situational). Example Its ironic that Rainsford (a well known hunter) swims to an island to get hunted.

Its not what youd expect. More specifically its situational irony. Verbal Irony 6. And 7. A writer, speaker, or narrator says one thing

and means something entirely different. Example The title of the story, The Most Dangerous Game which we expect a game to be fun, but this game is not fun.

Situational Irony 9 &10 A contrast between what is expected and what actually happens.

Examples Rainsford is an expert hunter who happens to swim a shore to be General Zaroffs most challenging hunt yet. The fact that he happens to be

an expert hunter. Dramatic Irony 12 and 13 The reader or audience perceives something that a character in the story or play does not

know. Dramatic Irony We know that Rainsford is hiding behind the curtain, but General Zaroff does not know. Breaking the Fourth Wall

15. The author directly addresses the audience. The author does this when he leaves it up to the reader to decide.

Examples Malcolm in the Middle (TV. show) in the middle of the episode, he will speak directly to you, the audience. Frank R. Stockton page 36

(bottom of first column) Characterization 19. The methods an author uses to develop a character. Direct: directly states the traits Indirect: when the author shows the

traits Foreshadowing 20. Clues that the author gives throughout the story to help develop the plot

Conflict A struggle between two opposing forces or points of view. There are two types (internal and external)

Internal When a character struggles with a force within themselves. Internal Conflict Example

The princess struggles with the decision to point to the direction of the door that contains a lady (the one lady that she is jealous of and hates the most), or she has to decide if she can stand watching her lover get attacked by a ferocious tiger. The princess struggles to overcome her

jealousy! Internal Conflict Example The young courtier (knowing the nature of the princess) has to decide whether or not to trust the

princess. External Conflict A struggle between a character and an opposing outside force. (person vs. person, person vs. fate,

person vs. nature, person vs. God/gods, person vs. society) External Conflict Man vs. man (courtier vs. semibarbaric

king) Man vs. fate (courtier vs. trials chance) Man vs. Society (courtier vs. audience acceptance of this form of judicial system) Man vs. Nature (courtier vs. tiger) Woman vs. Woman (pricess vs. fairest

lady) Exposition Beginning Introduction Establishes the setting, background information,

possibly characters Rising Action Events that lead to the climax Complications Events/situations that add

difficulty to solving/resolving the problem Examples of Complications The doors look identical, cant hear, its different every time, its a 50/50 chance

The woman behind the door is the fairest lady in the land and the one woman the princess hates The most ferocious tiger was chosen Climax The princess points discretely

to the right door (she know what is behind each one) The courtier opens the door Falling Action Events that lead to the resolution or ending

Falling Action Something comes out of the door Resolution

The ending How the story the conflict/problems are resolved Resolution Missing The author leaves it up to the

reader! You decide if the courtier is devoured or married. Resolution Missing The author leaves it up to the

reader! You decide if the courtier is devoured or married.

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