The Indigenous- Irish Connection

The Indigenous- Irish Connection

Tracking the origins of The reserve system through the lens of Cummeragunja: The Irish Connection ''The Ends of Ireland': Twentieth Australasian Conference for Irish Studies, UNSW 4 - 7 December 2013 Dr Wayne Atkinson-Yorta Yorta Cathy Guinness- Guinness Connection Location of Yorta Yorta Cummera & Maloga Heritage Maloga: 1874-88 Lynch Cooper World Champion, 1930s Sir Doug Nichols

Cummeragunja: 1889-Present Aboriginal Leaders 1930s Tracking the Origins of Reserve System Journey to North America UK, Ireland, Australia Origins of Reserve System & Policy of Segregation & Control Reserve System underpinned Colonisation & dispossession

Practiced on Irish in 16th Century Imported to US: Indian Removal Act 1830s Was well developed before introduced in Australia. Became tool of aparthied regime in Sth Africa in

1948. Presided over nearly half century of systematic and often brutal oppression of the country's black majority, who were denied the right to vote or to mix To Hell or Connaught 1654 -1660: Reserve System under Cromwell. Act for the Settlement of Ireland 1652: Authorised the forced removal of Irish to reserves by the British Summary of Paper Paradigm of reserve system varied in the way is was applied and practiced

in other other former British colonies but when sanctioned by the Anglo legal system become equally formidable in legitimizing land theft, forced removal and domination and control of traditional owners-key characteristics of British colonisation wherever it went under the guise of British territorial expansion into Indigenous lands. British colonisation was driven by a mindset of segregation and control which underwrote the dispossession and forced removal of the traditional owners. Reserves were the means by which the traditional owners could be removed from their lands to allow for it to be planted by settler society without hindrance from the traditional owners.

Policy was practiced and refined from experience in other former British colonies before it reached Australia. The reserve system and the policy of segregation and control as it was applied in Indigenous Australia went hand in glove with dispossession, and was the means by which the legal fiction of terra nullius was legitimised. Guinness Family Tree Arthur Guinnesss youngest son served in the British East India Co Army. He married Jane DEsterre whose 1st husband was mortally wounded in a dual with Daniel OConnell. Henry Grattan Guinness

founded Harley Missionary Training College, East London. His own children served in China, Congo, and Sudan Dr Harry Grattan Guinness - founded Congo Balolo Mission - founded Congo Reform Association Arthur Guinness Founder of Guinness Brewery, 1759 *Captain John Grattan Guinness 9th child

Olivia Whitmore Cousin of patriot Henry Grattan Jane Lucretia Desterre Henry Grattan Guinness Fanny Fitzgerald *Dr Harry Grattan Guinness

Annie Reed Rev Howard Guinness Barbara Green Catherine Guinness Dr Wayne Atkinson Yorta Yorta

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