The Iliad and the Odyssey - Polk School District

The Iliad and the Odyssey - Polk School District

The Iliad Homers Iliad Homer is said to be the first teller of adventures of all times. He was not the first author because in his day stories were

passed down---they were told. He was a blind man whose date of birth is unknown. Eris, Goddess of Discord Angry because she was not invited to the wedding of the Sea Goddess Thetis to King Peleus, Eris tossed the Golden Apple marked

To the Fairest into the banquet. The Fairest Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena wanted the apple Zeus would not choose, he did not want the goddesses angry with him Paris was asked to make the decision

The Decision Hera offered to make Paris ruler of Europe and Asia Athena offered to let him lead Sparta in a victory over the Trojans

Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful woman in the world Paris Chooses Aphrodite The most beautiful woman in the world is Helen, the wife of King Menelaus Aphrodite helps Paris

seduce and kidnap Helen The Beginning of War King Menelaus called on all those who were loyal to him. They gathered a huge army, and built a thousand ships to carry the army to Troy Helen of Sparta was now called Helen of Troy She was The face that launched a thousand ships

The Trojan War The battle raged for 10 years Many great heroes lost their lives A prophet predicted that Troy could be captured only with the help of Achilles.

The Hero Achilles Knowing of the prophecy, and worried that her son would be killed in war, Achilles mother dipped him in the river Styx to make him immortal. His only weakness was the place on his heals where she held him. During the war, Achilles is forced to give

up his war prize, a slave girl, to Agamemnon, and so he refuses to fight. Patroclus, his friend, asks Achilles if he may ride out in his armor so the Trojans would lose heart. Achilles Achilles agreed to allow his friend Patroclus to wear his armor. The next day Patroclus was killed and stripped of the armor by

the Trojan hero Hector, who mistook him for Achilles. Achilles was overwhelmed with grief for his friend and rage at Hector. Achilles kills Hector. He desecrated the body, dragging it behind his chariot before the walls of Troy. Finally Paris, aided by Apollo, wounded Achilles in the heel with an arrow; Achilles died of the wound.

10 Years of War The Gods are tired of watching men kill each other, and decide to help end the war. Athena whispers an idea in the Spartan hero Odysseuss ear. The Trojan Horse Odysseus tells them they will build a huge horse of

wood. Some would climb inside and hide. The rest would sail around the tip of the island, where they could not be seen. One would stay behind and tell the Trojans that he had been abandoned by the

Greeks, and that the horse was an offering to Athena. The Fall of Troy The Trojans believed the trick. They had a huge banquet to celebrate the end of the war.

At night the men from inside the horse came out and unlocked the gates to the city. The Burning of Troy The city is invaded by the army. The Trojans are drunk and

spent from their night of revelry, unable to fight back. The Spartans destroy and burn the city. Aphrodite saves Helen from the destruction. The War Ends

King Menelaus accepts Helen back. The Warriors can now return home. Odysseus leaves for home, and his wife and son. THE ODYSSEY

What is an Epic? Epics are long, narrative poems that tell the adventures of heroes who in some way embody the values of their

civilization. What types of epics are the Iliad and the Odyssey? Iliad War Epic Odyssey Journey Modern Day Epics Star Wars

Forrest Gump Hobbit Lord of the Rings Wizard of Oz How were heroes characterized in Homers day? Special Aristocrats or Demigods

Placed somewhere between Gods and ordinary humans. How is Odysseus different from other heroes? Hero in Trouble Clever (not just brute strength)

Did not want to go to war Why did Odysseus object to the Trojan War? He believes no war should be fought over an unfaithful woman (Helen)

He wants to stay at home with his wife and newborn son Odysseus attempts to Draft Dodge Tried to appear insane by planting salt instead of seeds. Draft recruiters throw his son in front of his plow

Odysseus reveals his sanity by avoiding running over Telemachus The Epic Begins Odysseus been gone 20 years Telemachus is 20 years old Suitors have invaded his house, robbing him of his

inheritance, and attempt to marry his mother Penelope (Odysseuss Wife) Penelope and her suitors

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