The Grammar -Translation Method

The Grammar -Translation Method

The Grammar Translation Method Ms. Rasha Ali Introduction Not new Called also Classical Method. Was first used

.to teach the classical languages It was used to help Ss read and appreciate .foreign language literature Case study Refer back to your book pages 11 - 15

GT principles Teacher goal: Ss be able to read literature .written in the target language Teacher role: the authority in the class Student role: do as the teacher say Teaching characteristics: translate from one language to another. Grammar is taught

. deductively GT principles .S-T interaction: most of it is from the teacher .S-S interaction: so little Language viewed: spoken language .Culture viewed: literature and fine arts

.Language emphasized: vocab + grammar Language skills emphasized: reading + .writing, less speaking and listening GT principles Student native language role: use it as .translation

Evaluation accomplished: Ss are asked to translate written texts. Also they are asked .to apply grammar rules Teacher feedback: supply Ss with correct .answers Techniques

.Translation of a literary passage .Reading comprehension question .Antonyms/Synonyms Cognates: only useful for languages who have .cognates Deductive application of rule: grammar rules .+ examples

Fill in the blanks Techniques .Memorization: vocab, grammar rules Use words in sentences composition

Activity Book pages 21,22 Thank you

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