The Challenges of Refrigeration Piping Compliance in a ...

The Challenges of Refrigeration Piping Compliance in a ...

Refrigeration Issues and Developments Mike Odey Last presented to CSA in Queenstown Oct 2006

Ammonia Refrigeration Risks and Compliance August 2016 Refrigeration Safety Standard Changed

AS/NZS 1677 Refrigerating Systems Part 1: Refrigerant Classification has been replaced by AS/NZS 817

Refrigerants Designation and Safety Classification AS/NZS 1677 Refrigerating Systems Part 2: Safety Requirements for fixed

application has been replaced by AS/NZS 5149 Parts 1 to 4 Refrigerating systems and heat pumps Safety and environmental requirements

AS/NZS 5149 Part 1 Definitions, classifications and selection criteria AS/NZS 5149 Part 2 Design, construction, testing,

marking and documentation AS/NZS 5149 Part 3 Installation site AS/NZS 5149 Part 4

Operation, maintenance, repair and recovery Is the ISO document with Appendices (Z*) modifying, and with examples, to NZ and

Australian conditions (e.g. calls up AS/NZS Standards) The new standards change EVERYTHING related to refrigeration facilities design,

operation, and maintenance Ammonia refrigeration equipment spaces are either : Open Air Machinery Rooms, or

Occupied Spaces Ammonia Machinery Rooms require Gas Detectors and

Ventilation Ammonia refrigerant charges in excess of 4.5 tonnes require alarm technical personell on site response within 60 minutes

Ammonia Machinery Room Ventilation should follow Ventilation for Ammonia Systems by Andy Pearson

Ammonia Emergency Wash - now required to be between 25 and 30oC Star Refrig Technical Bulletin No. 134

AS/NZS 1170 Structural Design Actions Importance Levels Seismic Design Process Determine the

Seismic Design Factors To determine the accelerations to which the equipment may be subjected in an earthquake Importance Level

Soil Type Equipment Height above Ground Level Flexibility Ductility Design Working Life

Importance Level 1 Low Hazard 5 Catastrophic risk to a large area (e.g. 100km2) or a large number of people (e.g.

100,000) Industry Practice for IL 2 Coolstore Buildings 3 Ammonia Plant Rooms and Ammonia pipe / equipment

supporting structures BUT !!!!! AS/NZS 1170.0 Table 3.2 IL4 for Buildings and facilities containing hazardous materials

capable of causing hazardous conditions that extend beyond the property boundaries. Major Hazard Facilities (HSE Regs 2016)

Are workplaces that have significant inherent hazards due to the storage and use of large quantities of specified hazardous substances.

Lower Tier (LT) Upper Tier (UT) Depends on the aggregated quantities of the specified hazardous materials

For Anhydrous Ammonia Lower Tier (LT) 50 tonnes

Upper Tier (UT) 200 tonnes A LT MHF is not required to prepare a safety case but have additional process safety related duties that are

proportionate to potential major incident hazards at the facility Pressure Equipment Regulations

All pressure equipment with an internal pressure of more than 50 kPa and volume of 0.5 litres is required to : - Be designed - Have the design peer reviewed - Have the equipment fabrication

inspected Code of Practice for Pressure Equipment Requires OSH approved Independent Design Verification for high

hazard equipment Independent Fabrication Inspection of high hazard equipment Health & Safety at Work Act

Safety issues arising during construction and maintenance are much easier to resolve at the concept and design stage than after commissioning.

Flammable Refrigerants All Synthetic Refrigerants will have some degree of flammability in future

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