The Byronic and Tragic Hero

The Byronic and Tragic Hero

A distaste for social institutions and norms An exile, an outcast, or an outlaw Arrogant Cunning and ability to adapt Cynical Dark attributes not normally associated with a hero Disrespectful of rank and privilege Emotionally conflicted, bipolar tendencies, or moodiness

High level of intelligence and perception Mysterious, magnetic, and charismatic Power of seduction and attraction Self-critical and introspective Self-destructive behavior Social and sexual dominance Sophisticated and well-educated Struggles with integrity Troubled past The

Crow Video Clip The Crow: Is a ghost who returns to avenge the death of his fiance Lives by his own rules; resists authority figures Passionately grieves over his fiance

Video Clip Vincent Valentine Character from Final Fantasy A mystical many, stern and upright while at the same time dark and mysterious Official Description Not just a normal man Wants the very thing he cant have: Lucretia and is consumed with guilt for his

past sin Video Clip Edward Cullen Has all of the following qualities:

Superhuman powers Angst and guilt over tortured past Distain for humans Dark colors Moody Girls lust after him Guys consider him a freak He desires the one thing he cant have Video Clip

The Covenant Video Clip Gone in 60 Seconds Video Clip Hero Hero must suffer more than he deserves. must be doomed from the start, but bear no responsibility for possessing his flaw. Hero must be noble in nature, but imperfect so that the audience can see themselves in

him. Hero must have discovered his fate by his own actions, not by things happening to him. Hero must see and understand his doom, as well as the fact that his fate was discovered by his own actions. Hero's story should arouse fear and empathy. Hero must be physically or spiritually wounded by his experiences, often resulting in his death.

Ideally, the hero should be a king or leader of men, so that his people experience his fall with him. The hero must be intelligent so he may learn from his mistakes. a character with a Fatal Flaw (like pride, for example) who is doomed to fail in search of their Tragic Dream (It's something that is not just out of reach, but that they are fundamentally

incapable of achieving or receiving, and they are usually too emotionally damaged to realize this) despite their best efforts or good intentions. Kratos-God of War He is never able to get over the trauma of killing his own family. It is his love for his family that prevents Kratos from becoming a complete monster, but at the same time, it's due to that love that Kratos is unable to get over his feelings of guilt and is slowly driven insane. Kratos starts working for the gods because

they promise to free him from his nightmares, but as time goes on, it becomes apparent that: 1. the gods do not have the power to take away his guilt and 2. the gods only view him as a pawn. Anakin Skywalker --Star Wars He was a hero of the Republic, got the girl, helped win the war, and saved his Master a number of times. His fatal flaw was the fear of losing those he cared about, which fed a hunger for power to prevent it from ever

happening Eventually turned him into the everpopular Black Knight Darth Vader.

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