The Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Theatre

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. . All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

William Shakespeare Theatre Ballet

Musical comedy (operetta) Theatre genres Opera

Play Theatre genres Drama theatre

Opera and ballet theatre Kinds of theatres Puppet theatre

Variety theatre Kinds of theatres Travelling company

Touring company Kinds of theatres Amateur theatre

The Bolshoi Theatre Questions: 1. When was the Bolshoi Theatre appeared? 2. Who designed it?

Joseph Bovet Quadriga of horses Seating plan of the Bolshoi

Theatre Yu. Grigorovich Galina Ulanova N. Obukhova

Liepa Maris E. Svetlanov Plisetskaya

M. Peter Tchaikovsky Test Bolshoi Theatre

1. Who designed the building of the theatre? a) M. Kazakov b) O. Bovet 2. When was it ? a) 1825

b) 1843 3. How many pillars are there in the construction of the Bolshoi? a) 8 b) 10 4. What does a horse symbolize?

a) cinema b) music 5. When was the theatre destroyed by fire? a) 1853 b) 1854

6. Why is the theatre called Bolshoi? a) size b) people 7. What ballet was staged there? a) Oscar b) Swan Lake

8. What is the most outstanding singer of the Bolshoi? a) A. Pugacheva b) F. Shalyapin 9. What is the most brilliant opera singer? A) M. Semyonova

b) I. Kozlovsky 10. What is the most famous ballet dancer? a) M. Plisetskaya b) B. Pokrovsky Hometask

1. Revise your vocabulary on themes Cinema, Theatre 2. Make up a report on Famous people of the Bolshoi Theatre

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