Texas Music Educators Association

Texas Music Educators Association

Texas Music Educators Association Promoting excellence in music education since 1920 Benefits of Membership Music Education Advocacy Professional Development Communications/Publications Insurance & Financial Services

Annual Clinic/Convention Benefits of Membership Advocacy: TMEA leaders inform and provide testimony to the Texas Legislature and State Board of Education. 2003: SB815 mandates TEKS-based instruction 2005: Funding allocated for fine arts texts 2006: SBOE implementation of

legislative directive protects electives opportunities Benefits of Membership Professional Development: TMEA supports the continuous development of its members with many opportunities:

Region workshops with master teachers Summer training sessions TMEA Mentoring Network Annual Clinic/Convention Graduate study scholarships Online resume and job vacancy service Numerous CPE credit opportunities at workshops and convention

Benefits of Membership Member Services: With over 9,000 active members, TMEA offers a variety of services, including: www.tmea.org for up-to-date information Subscription to Southwestern Musician Affordable liability and health insurance Financial consulting

Clinic/Convention Workshops: Leading elementary music educators and master teachers present over 50 workshops, including a focus on achieving TEKS objectives via crosscurricular instruction. Clinic/Convention

Performances: Learn from leading music educators as they present their choirs and ensembles in concerts and as workshop demonstration groups. Clinic/Convention Exhibits: Comparison shop under one roof for the latest

products and services. All areas of the music industry are represented in over 1,000 booths. Clinic/Convention Networking: 2,000 elementary music teachers attend convention. Sharing ideas with other teachers provides invaluable

support especially for teachers working in a small music department. Join TMEA Join the association that is committed to ensuring quality music education experiences for all students and to providing professional growth opportunities for its members.

www.tmea.org (888) 318-TMEA

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