Temperate Rainforest - White Plains Middle School

Temperate Rainforest - White Plains Middle School

Temperate Rainforest By Rachel McHale and Michael Dapice Global Distribution Relatively small. Northwest Coast of North America Small areas in Chile, New Zealand, and

Australia. Less than 1/5 of 1% of the Earths surface Climate Maintains a temperature of 60 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Precipitation ranging from 200cm350cm Harbors more biomass per acre than other forest types. Heavy summer fog. Regional Variations CHILE AND SOUTH AMERICA NORTH AMERICA

Presence of coastal mountains. Cooler summer temperatures. High rainfall levels. Mainly coniferous trees.

More broadleaf trees such as the Southern Beech. Low temperatures Only 10% of the rainfall during the summer. Waterfalls Resources Found in the Biome

Wood from the trees has an economic value. Plants that could be used for herbal medicine. Fish such as Salmon. There is still more to be discovered. Changes of the Biome

Climate began to change causing the climate to become cooler with less rain in the summer. Inland forest were replaced by grasslands causing the temperate rainforests to go coastal. They are being destroyed due to logging. Plant and Animal Adaptation ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS

Suited to mountain life Eat leaves rather than fruits Muted in their colors (browns and grays) so they blend in with the surroundings. Animals include: black bear, elk, deer, river otters, salmon, woodpeckers, jays,

robins, and wrens. PLANTS ADAPTATIONS The trees change colors in the fall and shed their leaves.

Trees grow really tall due to the large amount of precipitation. Mosses and ferns grow on top of other plants to reach light. Seedlings grow on nurse logs to take advantage of the nutrients from the freshly fallen logs. This is a result of the slow decomposition rate. Some plants include: Sitka spruce and Western Hemlock Threats and/or Environmental Problems

Because the trees found in the Temperate Rainforest are huge, timber cutting is a major threat. If timber cutting is not done correctly because of the steep slopes which make it difficult to cut log, soil erosion can occur. The silt, nutrients, and pollutants are a threat to near shore marine organisms and freshwater organisms.

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