TATTING Yesterday and Today Presentation by: Joan Thomas http://www.bebpublishing.com/tatting.html [email protected] 918-283-3001 WHAT IS IT? Lady Hoare tatting shuttle A form of lace making

(knotted lace) For more tatting search the Internet: http://abctattingpatterns.com/history/ Shuttle used for netting WHAT IS IT? Shuttles, wound with thread, are used to create Larks Head (hitch) knots in either

a ring or chain pattern. Ring Picot Chain BASIC TATTING STITCHES A chain with 4 picots (loops are just spaced out double-stitches) A group of 3 rings HOW IS IT MADE? These websites contain free online instructional

video clips: Sharon Briggs site: http://www.rsbriggs.com/slb/ Youtube, just search for tatting. Check out: https:// www.youtube.com/results?search_query=georgia+seitz+shuttle+tattin g http://www.tattedtreasures.com/tutorials/

Craftsy has some free/paid tutorials https://www.craftsy.com/search?query=tatting TATTING USES Motifs snowflake ornaments, note cards, earrings, fabric appliqus, doilies, tablecloths Edgings hankies, doilies, shirt collars Ornament covers

Framed art Gifts baby cap & booties, note cards, suncatchers Keep your fingers busy while waiting for the kids! TATTING TODAY New techniques are being developed and shared via the Internet and at tatting conventions

Join a lacemaker guild! https://internationalorganizationoflace.org/ Dogwood Lace Guild: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1478154875774329/ Lacemakers Guild of Oklahoma: https://lacemakersoklahoma.weebly.com/ Join a online tatting group like Georgias http://www.chatzy.com/695768390662; http://www.georgiaseitz.com/ Visit my website: http://www.bebpublishing.com/tatting.html

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