Takoma Park Primary Magnet School - Montgomery County Public ...

Takoma Park Primary Magnet School - Montgomery County Public ...

Takoma Park Primary Magnet School Tako m i r P k r a P

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Parent Information Session Agenda Welcome Introductions All About Takoma Park ES (TPES) TPES Magnet Framework How does the Magnet fit into our school? Q&A Session z What is Our Vision? Parents, staff, students, and the community will work to achieve a safe and positive learning environment through high

expectations and diverse learning experiences. z What is our mission? Be Positive, Work Hard, & Do Your BEST! z Welcome to Takoma Park ES Pre K2 Elementary School

Primary Magnet School Grades 1, 2 Students can continue in Grades 3rd5th by attending Piney Branch ES or return to their home school. z All About TPES Grade Level Classes

1 Pre K (a.m.) 10 Kindergarten 12 First Grade 11 Second Grade Facilities Main building with z gymnasium Addition (2011) Our School Total School 697 Total Students

School Demographics _% American Indian 3% Asian 35% Black/African American 18% Hispanic/Latino 7% Multiple _% Pacific Islander 37% White z Takoma Park Primary Magnet School Framework: The rationale and goals that direct the course of studies and instruction.

Z Rationale All students need instructional programs that are based on their needs as assessed by teacher observations and academic assessments. Classroom instructional experiences should challenge each student to maximize their potential by building their academic strengths by: Providing access to intellectual peers/groups within the classroom; Providing access to additional enrichment and/or acceleration as appropriate; and Promoting the thinking skills and instructional strategies that encourage risk taking and creative expression to help

students realize their full potential. Z Integrated Curriculum 20162017 Reading/Language Arts Math Writing Curriculum 2.0 integrates instruction throughout content areas

Science/Social Studies Z Instructional Goals Flexible Groupings for Instruction of Reading and Language Arts. Junior Great Books: Shared Inquiry Reading Program (Grades 1 & 2). Successful Completion of William and Mary Language Arts Program (Grade 2) as appropriate. Consistent small group access to the enrichment and acceleration within the grade level mathematics curriculum.

z 20162017 Primary Magnet Reading & Writing Students will be heterogeneously grouped for homeroom based on reading levels. All students have a peer group of similarly able readers. All students participate in Junior Great Books. Second graders participate in the William & Mary Language Arts Program (as appropriate). Z What is William and Mary?

The goals of this unit include Literary Analysis and Interpretation Figurative Language Z Persuasive Writing Analogical Reasoning

William and Mary Theme: The Conceptual Understanding of Change Unit design is based upon advanced Content Process Product Literature Literature Writing Z Fog The fog comes on little cat feet.

It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. Carl Sandburg Z 20162017 Primary Magnet Mathematics Mathematics instruction follows the MCPS Curriculum 2.0 and Math Pathways. At TPES, students are regrouped for daily instruction.

Needs of highly abled mathematics students are met through accelerated and enriched teaching models and resources. Z 20162017 Primary Magnet Science & Social Studies Curriculum 2.0 integrates Social Studies and Science into weekly instruction. Social Studies Science instruction instruction encourages students to Examine PLUS

Research Analyze Actively Explore Z emphasizes Hands-On Explorations and Investigating Inquiry Research Discussion 20162017 Primary Magnet STEM Lab

Science Technology Engineering Math D In the STEM lab, students work collaboratively to build, create, design, and problem solve. Students use their knowledge of science, math, and technology to solve real life engineering problems. Students visit the STEM lab

for 45 minutes a week. What does this mean for students selected as MAGNET? 20162017 Primary Magnet Additional enrichment and/or acceleration Curriculum 2.0 designed to meet the instructional needs of all students. Teachers plan instruction for all learners to provide challenging assignments, and instructional grouping within the classroom on a weekly basis. Teacher planning incorporates the identification of enriched and accelerated instructional resources to

support the highly able students. Students are provided with time to work with their intellectual peers. Z By the Numbers 20152016 Total # Students z 1st grade 212 2nd grade

232 Total 444 Magnet Percentage 105 50% 98 42% 203 46%

Out-of-Boundary Percentage 15 7% 12 5% 27 6% Takoma Park Primary Magnet Application and Screening

Procedures What should I consider before making the decision to have my child screened for the TPES Primary Magnet Program? Consider the following questions: What instructional opportunities for enrichment and acceleration does our home school provide? Is there an intellectual peer group within their class? How well does my child adjust to change? Will he or she be unduly upset if separated from friends in the neighborhood school? How much time will be spent on the bus each morning and afternoon? How will the change impact family time?

If your child is invited to the TPES magnet program, the expectation is that he/she attend unless unexpected circumstances arise. Z Application Form o Print or type all information on the application. o Sign the parent permission slip for testing. o Submit application directly to TPES. No late application forms, under 4 any circumstances, will be y b

6 1 0 accepted. ,2 5 y r Faxes will not be raccepted. a u . b m . e

p F e: u D d Selection Procedures Spring 2016 Parent Communicate with your childs homeschool/principal regarding your interest in the TPES Primary Magnet Program. Bring your child to testing on March 9, 2016,

at the Carver Educational Services Center located at 850 Hungerford Drive, Auditorium, Rockville, Maryland 20850. Your student specific time will be confirmed by Ms. Deandre Boggan. You should anticipate 30 minutes for testing. Complete the Parent Survey form at the time of testing. Selection Procedures Spring 2016 School The Teacher Survey form will be completed by your childs current teacher.

If your child attends a private school, please be sure to provide the teachers e-mail address on the application form. Provide updated report card information from quarter one and two. Selection Procedures Spring 2016 Selection Committee Review all profileinformation of your child at the end of April. Current Teachers Survey Form Parent Survey Form Reading Levels (Winter mClass) Report Card Norm-Referenced Student Assessment

Selection Procedures Spring 2016 Selection Committee Make a decision for program acceptance Out of Boundary Decision: Yes, Wait Pool, No Special Notes: Strongest students that have met the screening criteria will be entered into a lottery. The first 15 pulled from the lottery will be invited to participate in the program. Wait pool students will be added up to the end of December based on space availability. Selection Procedures

Spring 2016 Selection Committee Acceptance letters Letters to all parents will be mailed in the week of May 13th informing them of their childs status. Appeals Parents have the right to appeal the decision by presenting new information not previously submitted in the their application. Parents must file an appeal (in writing) to Mrs. Meredith Casper, Director, Division of Accelerated and Enriched Instruction, Carver Educational Services Center, 850 Hungerford Drive, Room 177, Rockville, Maryland, 20850. All appeals must be received within two weeks of receipt of admissions status.

TOUR GUIDELINES We are pleased to have the opportunity to show visitors the beautiful facilities, as well as the amazing staff and students here at Takoma Park ES. We are proud of our school and hope we can point out the many strengths of our instructional program. To maintain continuity of instruction for our students and teachers, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Our students and teachers are busy at work! Please direct any questions to your tour guide(s). 2. Limit your time in any one classroom. 3. Have only 45 parents in a classroom at a time. 4. Keep conversations in the hallways at low levels. 5. Conclude your visit promptly at your scheduled time. Our parent volunteers are here to guide you through the school and will be able to

answer your many questions. Thank you for helping us keep student learning our first priority! Q&A and Tour Groups Red and Blue Groups 1st-(10:15 a.m.10:30 a.m.) School Tour 2nd-(10:30 a.m.10:45 a.m.) Q&A Session Yellow and Green Groups 1st-(10:15 a.m. 10:30 a.m.) Q&A Session 2nd-(10:30 a.m. 10:45 a.m.) School Tour We hope you enjoyed your visit!

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