T e x t F e a t u R e s - Mrs. Huber, English-9

T e x t F e a t u R e s - Mrs. Huber, English-9

TeXt FeatuRes A feature is an individual part of a whole that stands out and makes something what it isthe eyes, nose, mouth, etc. of a human face, for example. Sowhat is a text feature? Discuss. Title What is it? A title is the name of a book, essay, article,

etc. Purpose: To hint at what the text might be about. To give a brief summary of the text content. Table of Contents What is it? The table of Contents is a list of chapters or article titles found at the beginning of the

text. Purpose: To help readers, at a glance, find out about topics or concepts discussed in the book or magazine. Pictures What is it? Pictures are images or graphics often found in

writing. Purpose: To help us VISUALIZE what we are reading about. To catch readers attention and make the text seem more interesting. CAPTION What is it? A caption is text in smaller print that is found next to

a picture inserted in the main body of the text. Purpose: To give a brief explanation of the picture. Heading Myths Explain the World What is it? A heading is the title of a short section within the main body of a text. Purpose: To give readers clues as to what they will read

about next. To make it easy to find the main ideas/topics within the body of the text. Subheading Greek Gods What is it? A subheading is the title of a small section found underneath a heading.

Subheadings give clues about whats coming next. Purpose: To help organize the text into sections of information that support the main topic. To make it easy to find important topics within the body of the text. Bolded Words What is it? Bolded Words are words in

the text printed in darker ink; sometimes highlighted. Purpose: To show readers important words. concepts, or ideas that should be studied or remembered. These words are the key to understanding the main ideas in the text. Rob and Big Rob & Big was an American reality television series

that followed the lives of professional skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek, and his best friend and body guard, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin. The Beginnings The show premiered on November 2, 2006 and ended on April 15, 2008. The series was produced by Ruben Fleischer and directed by Mark Jacobs. Episode 1 After moving in, Big Black suggests to Rob that they get a bulldog, to complete the new family. The two fly to Arizona on a private jet to pick up their new little puppy. To welcome their new family member, the guys host a party with a surprise appearance by Three

Six Mafia1. Three Six Mafia is an Oscar-Award winning American rap group originating from Memphis, Tennessee 1 Footnotes What is it? A footnote is an explanatory note inserted at the bottom of the page referring to a specific word or phrase in the text. Purpose:

To give readers extra information they may need to fully understand the word or idea in context. Bullet Points What is it? Bullet Points are graphics that are used to list items or ideas in a text. Purpose: To break up a lot of text

into chunks of important info. To create lists, summarize key ideas at the end of a chapter, etc. Charts and Tables What are they? Tables are summaries

of facts or data written in columns or rows. Charts are visual representations of quantities or results. Purpose: To organize information into a small space and an easy-to-read format. Graphs What is it?

Graphs are visual comparisons of data and information in a bar/pie/line format. Purpose: To help us read facts and figures in a short amount of time. Skateboard Glossary 360: when a skateboarder and his board turns 360 degrees while in the air. Axle: the metal rod that runs

through the hangar of a skateboards truck. Deck: the flat, long, oval/rectangular, wooden part of the skateboard you stand on. Glossary What is it? A glossary is an alphabetized list of terms and definitions found in the back of the book or at the end of an article. Purpose: To provide an easy-toaccess reference for

important vocabulary. Insert What is it? An insert is a small section of text inserted into the main body of the text. Purpose: To provide additional information that is not vital to the text, but is supplemental or interesting.

Map What is it? A map is a diagrammatic representation of a specific location. Purpose: To help us visualize where something is taking place.

Colored Print What is it? Colored Print is text printed in a color other than black. Purpose: To make important ideas, interesting facts, or titles/headings stand out. Font Size and Type Changes

What is it? A change in the size of the text or the style in which it is written. Purpose: To hint at important ideas that readers should pay close attention to. Index What is it? An alphabetical list of names and/or topics as well as lists of page numbers on which each item is

mentioned. Purpose: To help readers find all the pages in the text where each subject is discussed.

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