Susur Galur Penyelidikan

Susur Galur Penyelidikan

PENYEDIAAN KERTAS CADANGAN (TIPS) En. Mujibu Abd Muis Pensyarah Kanan Fakulti Sains Pentadbiran & Pengajian Polisi 1 1. KNOW YOURSELF

Know your area of expertise. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. Play to your strengths, not to your weaknesses. If you want to get into a new area of research, learn something about the area before you write a proposal. Research previous work. Be a scholar. 2 2. KNOW THE PROGRAM FROM WHICH YOU SEEK SUPPORT

You are responsible for finding the appropriate program for support of your research. 3 3. READ THE PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT

Programs and special activities have specific goals and specific requirements. If you dont meet those goals and requirements, you have thrown out your chance of success. Read the announcement for what it says, not for what you want it to say. If your research does not fit easily within the scope of the topic areas outlined, your chance of success is nil. 4 4. FORMULATE AN APPROPRIATE RESEARCH OBJECTIVE

A research proposal is a proposal to conduct research, not to conduct development or design or some other activity. Research is a methodical process of building upon previous knowledge to derive or discover new knowledge, that is, something that isnt known before the research is conducted. 5 5. STATE YOUR RESEARCH OBJECTIVE CLEARLY IN YOUR PROPOSAL

A good research proposal includes a clear statement of the research objective. Early in the proposal is better than later in the proposal. The first sentence of the proposal is a good place. A good first sentence might be, The research objective of this proposal is... Do not use the word develop in the statement of your research objective. 6 6. FRAME YOUR PROJECT AROUND THE WORK OF OTHERS

Remember that research builds on the extant knowledge base, that is, upon the work of others. Be sure to frame your project appropriately, acknowledging the current limits of knowledge and making clear your contribution to the extension of these limits. Be sure that you include references to the extant work of others. 7

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