STUDENTS Top 5 things to survive your freshman year:

STUDENTS Top 5 things to survive your freshman year:

Welcome Class of 2021 to Meridian High School Meridian High School Warriors Block Schedule 4 classes per day 90 minutes each A days and B days

8 classes per semester Daily Schedule 7:15 to 7:40 Intervention (not on Wednesdays) 7:40 to 7:45 Passing 7:45 to 9:15 1st Period 9:15 to 9:20 Passing 9:20 to 10:52 2nd Period 10:52 to 11:32 Lunch Closed Campus for 9 and 10 11:32 to 11:37 Passing 11:37 to 1:07 3rd Period 1:07 to 1:12 Passing 1:12 to 2:42 4th Period

th th 2021 Graduation Requirements English 8 credits Humanities 2 credits Health 1 credit Speech 1 credit Math (must pass Common Core 1 and Common Core 2 + take math their Senior year) 6 credits

Physical Education 2 credits Lab Sciences 6 credits Global Perspectives 1 credit U.S. History 10A/B 2 credits U.S. History 11A/B 2 credits Government 2 credits Economics 1 credit Electives Minimum 20 credits TOTAL 56 credits

All students must earn at least 14 credits each year to be on track to graduate in four years. STUDENTS Every grade counts toward your GPA. You will need to work for your grades! You can lose credit for absences and tardies! *FYI*

A LARGE number of freshmen lost credits due to tardies and absences last semester at MHS! Must Dos for a successful freshman year: CHECK POWERSCHOOL WEEKLY Missing Assignments Attendance & Tardies Communication with teachers

Must Dos for a successful freshman year: MAKE GOOD USE OF YOUR TIME Use class time wisely Go to Intervention before school or Wednesday/Thursday after school tutoring. Ask teachers for help when you need it. Dont wait. Must Dos for a successful

Freshman year: CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY Real Friends dont pressure you to do something that you do not want to do. Fair or not, you are who you hang out with. Must Dos for a successful Freshman year: GET INVOLVED IN YOUR SCHOOL

Join a sports team Join a club Join any activity Welcome to MHS Go Warriors!! LETS MAKE IT A GREAT 4 YEARS! Administration Principal Vice Principals

Mrs. Groth-Landis Mrs. Lilienkamp Mr. Connors Mrs. Haener Counseling Staff Ms. Swafford Ms. Beristain

Mrs. Decker Mrs. Robinson Mr. OBrien Mrs. HuntLowman MHS renovation to be completed by October 2017! New front entrance of Meridian High School

Meridian High School new construction at night! New Library Entrance and Commons Area Outside Deck College Application Week at MHS 88.5% of our current seniors applied to college!

2016-17 MHS Concurrent Credit Courses For semester 1 at MHS 380 students are earning 1670 college credits!! More coming semester 2! Please note: All concurrent credit courses are dependent upon instructor and course approvals by the local universities. A course may not be offered as listed based upon movement of staff. Accounting I Computer Applications III College Speech Education Assistant Sports Medicine II Sports Medicine III Medical Terminology Introduction to College Composition

HS Math III Honors HS Math III AP Statistics AP Calculus Principles of Engineering Adv. Fitness Engineering Design & Development AP Biology Anatomy AP Environmental Science AP Physics Veterinary Assistant Internship Honors US History 10 AP US Government AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics German III German IV Japanese III Japanese IV AP Japanese Language & Culture Spanish III Spanish IV Spanish V Upward Bound Welding IV Advanced Placement (AP) Classes


AP AP AP AP Computer Science Computer Science Principles English 11 English 12 Statistics Calculus Biology Chemistry Physics I

Physics II Environmental Science US History 11 Japanese US Government MacroEconomics MicroEconomics TRIO Upward Bound TRIO Upward Bound is a FREE program for students who want to go on to college after graduating from high school. Upward Bound helps prepare students for college through skill building and assisting in the college process. TRIO UB is a program students must apply and qualify for.

Students in TRIO are low-income and/or first-generation (parents didnt graduate from college with a 4 year degree). Students have a 2.5 GPA or higher and can commit to taking the Upward Bound class at MHS throughout their HS career. Students go to a 6 week residential summer program at Boise State University. Meridian Career Technical Center (located at Meridian High School) FFA in Washington DC Programs Offered Animal Science

Automotive Technology Collision Repair Masonry Plant Science/Natural Resources Small Gasoline Engines Welding/Fabrication Ada ProfessionalTechnical Center Certified Nursing Assistant & EMT

Culinary Arts Digital Home Technology Integration Fire Services and EMT Law Enforcement, Detention, and Corrections Pharmacy Technician Pre-Engineering Residential Construction MHS Homecoming Tradition - The Burning of the M Warrior Clubs and

Sports Clubs

Academic Decathlon Band Business Professionals of America Choir Dance Drama

FCCLA FFA Foods/Consumer Science Honor Society Key Club Orchestra Ski/Snow Boarding Team Speech/Debate HOSA Swim Writers Guild Yearbook Sports

Baseball Boys Basketball Boys Rugby Boys Soccer Cheer Football Girls Basketball Girls Rugby

Girls Soccer Golf Hockey Lacrosse Softball Swimming Tennis Track and Field Volleyball Wrestling X-Country Question s?

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