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Student Services

Course Selections Going into Gr. 12 2019-2020 Key Points To Consider Start your pathway and career research now Choose courses wisely for graduation and your future pathway requirements Have a back up plan!

Complete your 40 hours community involvement The Planning Process Complete the Self Interest Surveys on MyBlueprint to learn about yourself and your interests Review the

possible career suggestions Use:,, to research post-secondary programs and requirements Check Pre-requisites on : as you search the course of

interest Use MyBlueprint to check your graduation status Choose the required Gr 12 courses for your post-secondary program(s) Pathways Apprentices

College? World of works University Apprenticeship Research eng

College Research College/Program Search Search by: keyword Search by: category

Search by: college University Research www.electronicinfo .ca 'Find a Program'

search scholarships Residences Important Information example: language requirements, professional programs,

repeated/upgraded courses Search by geographic region (click on Choose an Ontario University)

University Program Search Search by: university program keyword Double click for more information Examine Job Projections Check out career of interest Examine outlook Grade 12 Courses Must select: o 1 English

And 5 optional courses * * Assuming you have 24 credits NOTE: It is a good idea to take 7 grade 12 courses Did you know? LASS will be offering Punjabi Language courses: LIPBD0 - Grade 10 level LIPCU0 - Grade 11 level LIPDU0 - Grade 12 level They are under Third Languages in MyBlueprint

What is Co-op? Earn 2, or 4 high school credits Gain classroom theory and workplace experience Customized experience based on YOUR pathway Earn apprenticeship

hours while still in high school. (OYAP) The Key to Your Future! Co-Op Opportunities Full Time (4-credit) Police Foundations Restaurants/Hotels Construction Rogers TV

Home Renovation Hospital(4 hospitals) Army (Paid coop) Auto Mechanic/Truck Electrical/Plumbing Brampton Court House Part Time (2credit) Retail Schools Restaurants

Auto Detailing Optometrist Animal Care Law Clerk Art and Drama And so much more.. Dual Credit What is it? Allows grade 11 or 12 students to simultaneously earn both college and non-compulsory secondary credits

Possible to earn 1, 2 or 3 extra credits in a semester! Students are registered in secondary school and college at the same time Colleges offering dual credit: Centennial, George Brown, Humber, Seneca, Sheridan Benefits: College tuition costs are covered and textbooks are provided. Dual Credit Introduction to Spa

Police Foundations/Criminology Plumbing/Welding Renovation/BluePrint Reading Electrician Psychology Sociology Acting/Drama Media/Sound Design

Web Development Management Robotics COTT- introduction to construction trades Theory and Practice of Film and Television Early Childhood Education Cosmetology Digital Art and Animation Cooking ( Level 1 Chef)

And so much more.. How to Register for Dual Credit With your guidance counsellor cannot be done through myBlueprint For students selecting co-op May/June for semester 01 course offerings November/December for semester 02 course offerings Specialist High Skills Major Allows you to focus SHSM

on a career area while you earn your high school diploma High school courses in grade 11 and 12 tailored to the career you want to pursue Gain industry certifications and experience in a sector of interest Complete certifications, on-the-job training and other experiences related to Design and Marketing Earn a Red Seal on High School Diploma (OSSD) Specialist High Skills Major At Louise Arbour we SHSM

offer two SHSM: 1) Arts & Culture Modern learning focus 2) Hospitality - Baking & Restaurant Management Courses for SHSM Hospitality and Tourism Arts and Culture 4 Major Courses in: 4 Major Courses in: 1

2 1 1 Hospitality/Tourism and/ Arts and/or Social Sciences or Science and/or Social Sciences and/or Physical Education 1 Business

Business or 4 credit Co-op Math English Free certifications and training (Food Handling, Customer Service, Smart Serve, First Aid and CPR, etc) 2 or 4 credit Co-op

1 Math 1 English Free certifications and training (CPR, WHMIS, Portfolio development, Developing a Marketing Plan, etc) cessing MyBlueprint At School/Hom 1. Log in to the school network using your student number and password 2. Click on the GOOGLE CHROME Icon

3. Click on BYOD 4. Click on myBlueprint logo or view all apps then the logo. Selecting Gr. 12 Courses using MyBlueprin Click on Official High School Plan Click on High School

Planner Selecting Gr. 12 Courses using MyBlueprin Click each box in the Gr. 12 column to select your courses Course Descriptions

Pick your course Course Descriptions Read the course description s Add the

course to your plan Course Descriptions Go to www.louisearbourss. ca Click on the Department Click on the course

of interest Course Selections Graduation Progress Submit Selections Submit Selections Fill in the comment if you are going to

take a compulsory course in summer school VERIFICATION FORM Sign and Return to Home Room Teacher THINGS TO REMEMBER Course Planning:

Dec. 3rd Jan. 1st Course Submission: By Jan 1st 2019 Review presentation at: Return your signed verification sheet to your Home Room Teacher Do your research and make your choices carefully ces carefully Courses you select now will determine what will be offered

next year.

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